Dad Pointed His Camera At The Door Knowing His Dog Was In For A “Reunion Of A Lifetime”

Reunions between pets and their family members are usually filled with joyous tears and embraces. Dogs who have seen their military parents or relatives after a long absence are some of the most tear-jerking and joyful videos on the internet. Just ask Oshie, the Golden Retriever, who missed his soldier mom so much that he … Read more

Dog Dad Treks Up Mountain To Give His Dying Best Friend An Amazing Last Hike

Every dog ​​has his day – and for Monty the Labradoodle, this day was surely a magnificent one. After an 18 month battle with Leukemia, Monty was very close to crossing the rainbow bridge when his dad, Carlos Fresco, decided to take him on one last journey up a mountain that the two had explored … Read more

Cute Bulldog Pup Wanted A Seat On The Couch, And Had A “Feisty Confrontation” With Dad

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Mom & Dad Panic As Dog Pounces On Baby In The Yard, Then They See Baby’s Foot

In their Tennessee home, Bryan and Alicia Holloway would frequently let their 18-month-old son, Bryson, play with their family dog ​​in the yard. The Holloways were certain that their child was secure with Shiloh, their bright Australian Shepherd puppy. Image / Story Source Credit: Inside Edition / YouTube When the parents discovered Shiloh lunging at … Read more

‘Wolf-Dog’ Barks At Stranger And Didn’t Recognize His Military Dad He’s Been Missing

When his military father, Devin Ekstom, was away for basic training for ten weeks, 2-year-old Indus, a Husky / Malamute / Timber Wolf mix, hadn’t seen him in 10-weeks. Ekstom was able to come home for the holidays, but Indus had no idea that his human would be returning home to surprise him. Image / … Read more

Hero Dog Won’t Stop Barking And Annoyed Dad Saw A ‘Huge Beast’ Hissing At Their Door

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Dad Proudly Built A Fence To Protect His Dog, Dog Hilariously ‘Tested It’ Out

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