‘An ecological miracle’: Taiwan’s fireflies are flirting in the dark again | Taiwan

The nature guides are waiting outside a Taiwanese fried sausage shop on the outskirts of Taipei, easily identified by their quick-dry clothing, microphones, and laminated sheets of QR codes. They are also carrying several enlarged photos of insects. or group of about 50 excited people soon gathers, ready to start trudging up a nearby mountain … Read more

Country diary: The flying teddy bears with a dark side | Bees

How do you describe a dark-edged bee-fly (Bombylius major)? I asked a colleague whether I could get away with “flying mole”. She suggested “flying teddy bear” instead. And then there is the unmistakable similarity to a hummingbird. Go into a garden, or anywhere flowery, during a sunny interlude, and you can decide for yourself. Here … Read more