Practice team to walk for much-missed Dawn

A West Yorkshire practice team is stepping out this weekend for a charity walking challenge in memory of a former colleague. The walkers, from Abbey House Veterinary Hospital in Morley, Leeds, will be tackling the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge on Saturday (September 24) to honor Dawn Clark, who died from meningitis in August last year. … Read more

Country diary: Dawn light gilds the fells as a lone ring ouzel sings | Birds

ort 4.40am, groggy after a wind-battered night, I unzip my tent door. To my delight and dismay, the scene is worth getting out of bed for: delicate dawn light gilds the fells, lights up the flanks of Great Gable and blurs the hills around Derwentwater into a wistful, honey-colored haze. I watch the dawn unfold … Read more

‘The next parakeet’: Britain’s dawn chorus at risk from Asian songbird | Birds

A brightly colored subtropical songbird from Asia could colonize Britain’s gardens and change the dawn chorus for ever, a new paper warns. The highly invasive red-billed leiothrix could threaten native bird populations, particularly competing with garden birds such as the robin and blackbird, researchers say. Early signs suggest this little bird – olive green with … Read more

‘Dawn of a new creature’: after a vicious attack, a city ponders living with coyotes | Dallas

Even before a two-year-old was snatched from a Dallas porch by a hungry coyote, the parents in the neighborhood knew something terrible was bound to happen. The coyotes that usually stayed in wooded areas or a nearby creekbed had been coming closer and closer. One was spotted by a doorbell camera stealing a food delivery … Read more