My dog ​​hasn’t eaten all day, what should I do?

This is a common problem that all dog owners will worry about and experience at some point, so it’s important to know when to worry and when to wait.

First, consider your own dog and their general health. Is your dog young and generally fit and well? Or are they older and have other known health issues? Is your dog behaving unwell or are they bright, happy and playful? Does your dog have any outward signs of illness? Are they being sick or experiencing diarrhea? Are they salivating tears, suggesting nausea? Some of the (many) reasons your dog may not eat are:

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Go ahead, make my day!

Every morning I let Vitamin out of her “cell” to eat her daily bucket while the others are left behind. All seven of them. And afterwards, Vitamin strolls off to enjoy the thick lush grass for the day. She doesn’t even look back. She doesn’t care (and I don’t blame her after how they hounded … Read more

‘It’s a sad day’: Bristol zoo welcomes last visitors before closing | Zoos

For 186 years, visitors have flocked to Bristol Zoo Gardens and marveled at the sights and sounds of the animals that have lived there, including Alfred the gorilla, Roger the rhino and Zebi the Asian elephant – the latter renowned for removing and eating straw hats in Victorian times. On Saturday afternoon, the final guests … Read more

Helpful Cat Saves The Day By Rescuing Neighbor’s House Keys From A Hole

As a cat parent, you know how much kitties love to “help.” Their insistence on being involved in what you’re doing is very cute but often causes a hindrance in whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. And when one mom worked to get her keys out of a hole in which they’d been dropped, … Read more

Not My Day!

Ok, it is lovely outside, if midgey but who cares, there is blue sky and that has been a bit of a luxury this summer. But…. and it is a big butt, believe me. Today was one of those if-it-can-go-wrong-it-jolly-well-will days, so it did. #1. My horse van died again and will only start with … Read more

This National Dog Day, Krispy Kreme Is Offering Your Dog Something Awesome

Happy National Dog Day! We know it’s always dog day in your house, because you’re such an animal lover, but it’s officially being celebrated nationwide this Friday, August 26th. And just in time to celebrate the special occasion, Krispy Kreme is launching boxes of limited edition doggy doughnuts. They look so much like the real … Read more

“Burrito Day” At This Shelter Means Much More To The Dogs Than Just A Tasty Snack

Animal shelters provide temporary refuge for dogs and cats in need. Unfortunately, some pets spend months or even years in these facilities before finding suitable homes. All this time spent in drab, noisy kennels can take its toll. That’s why the Michigan Animal Rescue League puts a heavy focus on enrichment. Facebook According to their … Read more

Sustainable theme for Joe Brownlie BVA Members’ Day speech

The future sustainability of the veterinary sector will be the focus of the main address at next month’s BVA Members’ Day in Cambridge. Joe Brownlie, emeritus professor of veterinary pathology with the RVC and director of the Southern African Center for Infectious Disease Surveillance, will speak at the event on September 29. During a career … Read more