Canada conservation officers hunt a runaway wolf days after a zoo break-in | Canada

Conservation officers in Canada are hunting for a runaway wolf three days after a mysterious break-in freed a pack of the predators from a popular zoo. The Greater Vancouver Zoo announced on Tuesday morning that it would not open to crowds that day, and later acknowledged that a pack of gray wolves had escaped after … Read more

Cat Skips Meals For 3 Days, But A Trip To Vet Reveals Sneaky Snacking

Ever been duped by a cat? If you’ve had the privilege of living with a feline, your answer is most likely a resounding yes. Cats are pretty good at pulling one over on their minions. Just ask Reddit user u/Mysticstorms, and they’ll tell you how their cat trolled them. The situation involved a self appointment … Read more

Texas Cat Lost During Maine Traffic Accident Shows Up 11 Days Later

A Texas family, a terrifying accident, and the triumphant return of a beloved lost pet came together last month to create what some are calling a real-life Homeward Bound. The Tally family was on the adventure of a lifetime last month when tragedy struck. While driving along a highway in the Pine Tree State of … Read more

Never Fear! Masked Cat Zorro Has Come To Banish Bad Days With His Cuteness

In 1919, author Johnston McCulley introduced the world to a masked vigilante known as Zorro. Wherever tyranny and injustice reigned, Zorro would be there to set right the wrongs. From those pulp novels, Zorro’s fame further rose when cinema gave celluloid life to his swashbuckling adventures. And in recent weeks, cat dad Indraini Wahyudin Noor … Read more

Is it safe to leave dogs in cars these days?

We are living increasingly busy lives, dashing here, there and everywhere – the school run, the weekly shop, the petrol station. A lot of people bring their dogs along for the ride. But then what do you do when you get to your destination? In some situations, it may be perfectly acceptable to bring them out with you – a dog is always a draw at the school gates. But obviously this is not always possible. So is it safe to leave them in the car?

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