Seresto Collars Accused Of Causing Illness And Death: Are They Guilty?

Since their release in 2012, there have been over 25 million Seresto Collars sold. In fact, data released by the Bayer Pharmaceutical Company in 2019 showed that over $ 300 million in revenue had been collected from the purchase of Seresto collars alone. The collars work to prevent flea and tick infestations in household pets … Read more

Dolphin’s stabbing death investigated by Florida wildlife officials | Florida

Wildlife officials in Florida are investigating the mysterious death of a bottlenose dolphin that was recovered on a beach with an apparent stab wound to the head. The mammal, which was found on Fort Myers beach in the south-west of the state on March 24, is believed to have been killed deliberately, probably while it … Read more

Injured Dog Lost After Her Human’s Death Finds Familiar Faces Years Later

When BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, Maryland, rescued a Pit Bull named Butter Bee, thinking she was on the brink of death. Someone saw her get hit by a car, and she could barely move afterward. The kind witness carried her to their car and called the shelter for help. When vets examined her, they … Read more