Popular Dog Sitting Website Linked To Disappearances, Deaths Of Pets

While going away as a pet parent, the first thing people research is how to find a reputable pet sitter. This search leads many to the pet sitting website Rover. But as of recent years, handfuls of pet parents are experiencing their worst nightmare while using the service. Their pets have gone missing, or even … Read more

Fishers River Tees hold mass protest over crab and lobster Deaths | Fishing industry

About 25 fishing boats have sailed into the mouth of the River Tees while setting off flares and fireworks in a protest over mass marine deaths that are ruining livelihoods as well as being a “huge ecological disaster”. More than 200 well-wishers, many representing conservation and environmental campaigns, cheered from the shore, chanted “Stop the … Read more

Fans Are Furious When Katie Price Gets New Dog After 4 Tragic Pet Deaths

Four animals have died under the care of media personality Katie Price, but is it a horrible coincidence or a pattern? All the incidents were described as sudden tragedies, but after recent events, fans grew skeptical. Not only did three of Price’s dogs die far too soon, but she also gave away one that was … Read more