RSPCA calls for vet support in avian flu crisis

Vets are being urged not to refer wild birds brought into their practices to the RSPCA, amid continuing concern over avian influenza (AI). The charity said it has closed its wildlife centers to seabird admissions, because of the risk of spreading the virus. It is also urging people reporting a sick bird to contact Defra … Read more

‘Work with us to fix the labor crisis’, BCVA president tells Government

Labor shortages in the food and farming sector are putting the mental health of those working in it at risk, the president of the BCVA has warned. Elizabeth Berry has urged ministers to work with the industry to tackle what she termed an “immediate crisis”, which she fears could also jeopardize food security and animal … Read more

Disease control zone lifted around Norfolk site after testing

A temporary control zone set up around a site in Norfolk last week amid fears of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), plus a second infection, has been lifted. A 10km temporary control zone, which also stretched over the county border into Suffolk, was declared around premises near Feltwell in West Norfolk on Thursday night (June 23) after … Read more

Defra declares 10km foot-and-mouth control zone in Norfolk

A 10km temporary control zone has been placed around a premises near Feltwell. Defra has declared a temporary control zone around premises in Norfolk as it tests for suspected foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in pigs. A 10km temporary control zone has been declared around a premises near Feltwell, in King’s Lynn and West Norfolk district, after … Read more

Scientists join forces in major offensive against bird flu

Scientists are joining forces in a new £ 1.5 million research consortium to tackle avian influenza. The consortium has received the money from the Biotechnology and Biosciences Research Council and Defra to develop new strategies to tackle future bird flu outbreaks. Outbreaks occur each year due to the UK’s position in the migratory flight path … Read more

Vet MP makes ‘breed and deed’ calls to Government on dangerous dogs

MP Neil Hudson has called on the Government to deliver an evidence-based policy that considers “breed and deed” for protecting people and animals from dangerous dogs. At a debate held by Christina Rees, MP for Neath, Dr Hudson – who, as MP for Penrith and The Border, is the only vet in the House of … Read more

Royal honor for leading Aberystwyth University academic

Glyn Hewinson has been appointed a CBE in the Queen’s birthday honors for services to animal health and welfare. Prof Hewinson is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of bovine TB (bTB) and has published more than 250 peer-reviewed publications on the topic. Disease controls Prof Hewinson led bTB research at the APHA for … Read more

Simplified license introduced in bid to boost number of badgers vaccinated against bTB

A new and simplified license for vaccinating badgers has been rolled out today (Thursday 26 May) as part of government plans to step up efforts to eradicate bovine TB (bTB) in England by 2038. The new license to trap badgers for vaccination enables those trained to undertake this activity to register as an “authorized person”. … Read more

Apology call over Government dismissal of badger cull paper

Researchers behind a paper suggesting the controversial badger cull is having no impact in the fight against bTB have demanded a public apology from Defra. Ecologist Tom Langton, along with vets Mark Jones and Iain McGill, have written to environment secretary George Eustice calling for an apology and a retraction following Government criticism of a … Read more

CVO offers vet advice to reduce rabies risk from non-compliant Ukrainian pets

UK CVO Christine Middlemiss has asked vets to report suspected illegal pet landings from Ukraine to help maintain the country 100-year rabies-free status. In a letter to the profession via RCVS Kate Richards, Dr Middlemiss advised on how to contact APHA if a rabies non-compliant Ukrainian pet is presented in practice. She stressed the primary … Read more