How do dental diets for dogs work?

Commercial dog diets are now available in most supermarkets, pet shops, online and in veterinary surgeries. They are classified as a complete food containing all the necessary ingredients to be the sole food for a dog. However, there is a great variation in the contents and nutritional value. Veterinary – or “Prescription” – diets are aimed towards helping manage conditions. They should be used as per the instructions from your veterinary practice. One of the most interesting is the “Dental diet” – so how does it work?

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What does “dental X-ray” mean on a vets website, and is it important?

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Sometimes it can be hard to understand everything that is advertised on one’s website! If you’ve seen ‘dental x-ray’, you may well be wondering how this differs from other x-rays, and whether it’s important. Read on as we explain dental x-rays for pets.

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BVDA launches Talking Teeth lecture series

The British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA) is launching a new series of virtual “Talking Teeth” lectures later this month. A program of five sessions is due to begin on September 26, when the group’s president, Tom Williams, will deliver a talk entitled “Don’t Get In a Flap With Teeth”. The session, which will be delivered … Read more

Free dental webinar for VNs

Even nurses are being invited to sign up to a free dental webinar. Hosted by The Webinar Vet, the live session – “Tooth fractures – the whys, wherefores and what to do” – will take place on Tuesday, September 13 from 8pm to 9pm. Session content The session will be led by the British Veterinary … Read more

Animalcare launches dental wipes for cats and dogs – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Animalcare has launched Plaqtiv+ dental wipes, designed to capture minerals and inhibit biofilm maturation to reduce the formation of calculus. Animalcare says the wipes deliver tartar reduction with some mechanical action without the difficulties that some owners experience when using a toothbrush. The company says they can also help owners grow more comfortable with handling … Read more

Yumove launches dental care sticks for dogs – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Yumove, the joint supplement brand, has launched Dental Care Sticks – billed as “a uniquely effective, scientifically tested, new generation of daily dog ​​dental care which will help support overall oral health in dogs of all ages”. The company says the product improves oral health in three ways: cleaning teeth, freshening breath, and helping to … Read more

Tributes paid following death of much-loved veterinary dental specialist

Tributes have been paid following the death of one of the UK’s leading veterinary dental specialists. Lisa Milella was diagnosed with motor neurone disease eight years ago and after battling it with “extraordinary courage”, she sadly died on May 19. A past president of the British Veterinary Dental Association, Dr Milella was also a trustee … Read more

Increased dental disease risk for poodle crosses – census

Poodle crosses could be at increased risk of dental disease, according to preliminary survey results. Digital services company VisioCare launched the Puppy Tooth Census at the end of March to generate data and insights on dental conditions affecting puppies. The early data shows poodle crosses accounting for 25% of all responses, in line with anecdotal … Read more

New research suggests poodle crosses are greater risk of dental disease – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Veterinary digital services company, VisioCare, has released the preliminary results of some research which appears to show that poodle cross puppies are at greater risk of dental problems The company says that of the 249 responses to its Puppy Tooth Census received so far (of which 40% were from vets, 21% vet nurses, 2% other … Read more