Tech partnership a ‘breakthrough’ for dogs

A UK-based technology company has announced a new project that it is hoped will eventually allow vets and owners to monitor dogs for signs of various common diseases. Synomics, which has its headquarters in Oxfordshire, is working with Mars Petcare on the program that aims to develop risk prediction models for a range of conditions. … Read more

Therapeutic pet foods: benefits and nutritional innovations

Image © 279photo / Adobe Stock Veterinary therapeutic diets are those formulated to help with the management of clinical conditions in dogs and cats. In Europe, these diets are regulated differently than other (physiological) pet food, under the feeds for a particular nutritional purpose (PARNUT) legislation1. They must meet specific characteristics, depending on each PARNUT. … Read more

Canine eye case rise prompts warning

The head of ophthalmology at a referral center said his team has seen a significant rise in cases of dogs with diabetes being referred too late to save their sight. James Oliver, head of the ophthalmology team at Dick White Referrals (DWR) in Cambridgeshire, called for better education on the need to urgently refer dogs … Read more

Cat’s glucose levels successfully monitored using Bluetooth technology

A pet cat is now in diabetic remission after her glucose levels were successfully tracked by a glucose monitor fitted by veterinary specialists at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies’ Hospital for Small Animals. Shadow, a 10-year-old black domestic short-hair cat, developed diabetes due to her severe pancreatitis. After treatment by the hospital’s internal … Read more