How much protein do dogs actually need in their diet?

Animal nutrition is a hugely topical (often controversial!) subject and the literature discussing pet nutritional requirements is vast. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one diet fits all’ scenario and this would definitely make everyone’s lives easier if this were the case! You may already be aware that protein is an important component of your dog’s diet, but how much protein is required to ensure optimal health? This article will discuss the importance of dietary protein and aims to explore how much protein dogs actually need in their diet.

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Why should I feed a dog with cystitis a special diet?

Cystitis is a common canine condition, particularly in female dogs. Cystitis means inflammation of the bladder. This can be caused by lots of different factors including bacterial infections, urinary stones and underlying health conditions. Some dogs will suffer a single bout of cystitis that clears readily on the right medication. But other dogs will be prone to recurrent bouts which may need further investigation or longer term treatment. One such treatment is a special “urinary” diet.

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Researchers sound bacteria warning over raw meat diet

The feeding of raw meat to dogs poses “a significant zoonotic threat” because of the potential for spreading antibiotic resistant forms of Escherichia colia new study has suggested. Scientists at the University of Bristol said they hope their research will help raise wider public awareness of the risks associated with the dietary program. In response, … Read more

Why should I feed a dog with liver problems a special diet?

The liver is an extremely important organ in all mammals and it has many vital functions (over 500!) including digestion and removal of toxins from the bloodstream. ‘Liver disease’ refers to several conditions that can affect and damage the liver and there can be multiple causes. If your dog has liver disease, your vet may advise you to transition your dog onto an exclusive liver (hepatic) specific diet. But, why is this? This article will discuss and explore the benefits of feeding a special diet to dogs with liver disease.

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New study finds vegan diet dogs may live longer

Dogs fed plant-based diets could live up to 18 months longer than those on meat-based alternatives, a new study from North America has suggested. A leading pro-vegan scientist has hailed the findings and claimed continuing opposition to the feeding program from some quarters of the veterinary sector is not in animals’ best interests. And the … Read more

Why should I feed a cat with kidney problems a special diet?

Kidney diets (also called “renal diets”) are probably one of the first things that your vet will suggest to support your cat if they are diagnosed with kidney disease. These diets are made by specialist manufacturers and can be more difficult and expensive to find than regular diets. Plus, changing a cat’s food over can be a tricky business. Many are fussy about new foods, and can sometimes get an upset stomach if the food is changed too quickly.

So why is your self so eager to recommend one of these foods? Let’s have a look at the evidence!

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More work needed to address raw diet questions, says scientist

Further research into the claimed benefits of raw meat diets for dogs is needed, according to one of the scientists behind a new study comparing raw and non-raw regimes. The latest paper by academics from the University of Liverpool reopened the debate about which feeding program is best for pets. The study, published in the … Read more