Why should I feed a kitten a special diet?

If you have a new kitten, one of the first things to think about is what you are going to feed him! There is a whole array of diets out there to choose from, including many that are specifically designed for kittens. But what is so special about these diets? Why should your kitten eat them vs a standard adult cat diet? We’ll look at this as well as some other frequently asked questions about feeding your furry friend!

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Gator aid: Florida couple call for help after can-do alligator drinks Diet Cokes | Florida

A gregarious Florida alligator seemingly could not wait for a family’s birthday party to begin, so it slipped into a garage where supplies were being stored and chugged down a slab of Diet Coke. The uninvited guest surprised Naples homeowners Karyn and Jamie Dobson when they opened the connecting door from their house after hearing … Read more

sponsored The many roles of diet in canine dermatology

As the largest organ in the body, the skin plays a key role as a barrier, minimizing water loss and protecting the body from environmental insults, meaning that using nutrition to support the skin and coat can be beneficial to overall health and well-being of patients. Why dietary modification is not just for adverse food … Read more

Why should I feed my puppy a special diet?

Many pet nutrition companies now sell specific puppy food. These foods have required a lot of research and testing in order to calculate accurate volumes and concentrations of specific nutrients for your pet’s diet. Some brands have even developed specific diets for different breeds of dog. This blog is going to explain why these diets are beneficial to your puppy.

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BVA bites back as vegan dog diet storm heats up

The BVA has spoken out against accusations that it continues to ignore the evidence and is taking an “irresponsible” position on vegan diets for dogs. Publication of the largest study into the health impacts of feeding dogs on vegan rather than meat-based foods sparked widespread controversy when results appeared to suggest that vegan dogs were … Read more