Couple Discovers Their New Rescue Dog Is Related To Their Late Canine

Nicole Sopko and Dan Staackmann love getting DNA tests for their rescue dogs because the results are fascinating. Dogs often have breeds mixed in that you’d never expect! Although they could also have long-lost relatives that are closer than you’d think. The couple adopted a new rescue dog named Frida from a Chicago shelter. After … Read more

Refuse Operator Discovers Puppy Buried In Trash Inside Apartment Dumpster

David Carlson, a refuse operator, was emptying the garbage bins at an Ohio apartment complex when he noticed something unusual. He saw a puppy in one of the bins, struggling underneath trash bags. Carlson had no idea what to do, but he knew he could not leave the dog like that. The puppy is a … Read more

California family discovers five bears hibernating in crawlspace under home | California

A California family spent the winter dismissing odd noises that sounded a little like snoring, only to discover that five bears had spent the cold season hibernating under their house. The Bear League group, which works to preserve bear habitat and help bears in distress largely around the Lake Tahoe basin region in the state, … Read more