Could my dog ​​have “Westie Lung”?

Most pedigree dog breeds have certain health complaints they are prone to. Cavalier King Charles suffer from heart problems, Dachshunds have back problems, and Labradors have hip dysplasia. West Highland White Terriers (‘Westies’) suffer from skin complaints commonly but also a condition known as ‘westie lung disease’. We’ll explore what westie lung is and what you can do to help your dog if you think they might have it.

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Olympian Rescues Another Dog From A Korean Meat Farm After Pup’s Tragic Death

As an Olympian and a Gold Medalist, skier Gus Kenworthy has a huge platform. A lifelong animal lover, Kenworthy uses that platform to advocate for their welfare. His rescue dogs are incredibly important to him, and they inspire him to work with animal welfare organizations both in the US and abroad. When he’s not freestyle … Read more

Dog Falls Overboard & Swims Over A Mile Before Rescuers Arrive

Guardsmen aboard US Coast Guard vessel CG24508, based out of Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina, were in the right place at the right time to save a desperate dog’s life this week. A Labrador / Pointer mix named Myla fell overboard while enjoying a Saturday afternoon on Pamlico Sound with her family. The large lagoon is … Read more

Rescued From A Life Of Horror, This Dog Now Explores The World With Her Best Friend

As the Editor of iHeartDogs, I come across so many stories that make me feel something inside. Sometimes they are sweet, other times tragic, but when you find a story with a beautiful and happy ending that brings you to tears, it touches your soul. The story of Penni the dog is one of those … Read more

Ranger Saves Overheated Dog, Carrying Him Miles Down A Rocky Trail

The summer is really heating up! A group of hikers recently witnessed just how harmful the stifling temperatures can be for a dog. Thankfully, a strong and caring park ranger came to the rescue, carrying an overheated dog on his shoulders all the way down a mountain trail and saving his life. Image Lexie Daniel … Read more

Dad Put Camera In Car To Show 4-Dogs ‘Flipping Out’ When They Hear They’re Going To The Dog Park

We all remember the thrill we experienced when our parents took us to the park as children. Those are memories you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. It’s no different with dogs. They’re just bigger kids, after all! You’re going to LOVE this video and be sure to watch ALL the way to the … Read more

Family Dumps Their “Ugly Dog”, Doctors Transformed Him With A ‘Life-Altering’ Surgery

This is the story of a dog, Bjarni, who was rescued from a difficult home with a disfigured face. Despite being ignored by passersby at first, those who one who found this dog’s story saw it as a worthy cause to support. There seems to be no immediate danger to the dog as he is … Read more

Veteran Acts Fast After His Support Dog Is Mysteriously Shot With An Arrow

Having a dog by your side is often one of the most comforting things during difficult times. Billy Morris, a disabled veteran from Alabama, knows that better than anyone. In addition to military trauma, he’s also going through a divorce. Yet, his support dog named Cotton is always there for him. Cotton is a lovable … Read more