Man Leaves Dog At Shelter When Landlord Said, “Give Up Your Pit Bull Or You’re Out”

There are times when we must make hard choices in life. In this narrative, a man had to choose between his house and his dog. Lewis Jiminez understands this lesson well because he had no choice but to return his best buddy, a Pit Bull named Titus, who he loved, back to the shelter where … Read more

Homeless Man ‘Pleads’ With Shelter To Get His Dog A Forever Home Before He Dies

Being homeless is a difficult and devastating existence. Every day, millions of people worldwide are without a home, and many times they have a dog by their side. A man from Brownsville, Texas, is making headlines due to his tale’s content after walking the streets with his dog Chulo at his side throughout his trip. … Read more

Ukraine dog seizures prompt call for rabies status change

A rescue charity is calling for Ukraine’s rabies status to be reassessed after 19 dogs it had rehoused with UK owners were seized because their rabies documents failed to check out. Burton upon Trent-based charity Paw Help Rescue and Adopt UK said it had been bringing rescue dogs into the UK from Ukraine for two … Read more

Man Who Shot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Is Accidentally Released From Jail

In early 2021, Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot as attackers tried to steal her three French Bulldogs. The thieves took two of the singer’s dogs and left the dog walker bleeding out. It is suspected that the dognappers did not know the Frenchies belonging to a celebrity. It was a roller coaster of emotions, … Read more

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Give Terminally Ill Dog a Beautiful Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never easy. Under any circumstance. Once a couple, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux recently had to lay their beloved white shepherd Dolly to rest. Together. She passed away at home surrounded by her entire family. The former couple came together for her passing and the burial service that followed. Image Justin Theroux … Read more

Family Fulfills Fallen Soldier’s Final Wish Of Bringing Dog Home From Afghanistan

Private Conrad Lewis served in the 4th Battalion of the British Parachute Regiment. His duty brought him to Afghanistan, where, amidst the war and strife, he found a companion in a dog named Pegasus (Peg for short.) On February 9th, 2011, 20-year-old Private Lewis was killed by a Taliban sniper while on foot patrol. As … Read more

Dog Romps With Ghostly Visitor In Spine-Tingling Video Footage

Security camera footage can show us some strange things. And sometimes, those grainy video captures play out into a spooky story. Sure, there’s usually a reasonable explanation for what you see, but what about when you can not come up with a logical explanation? That’s where the real creep show begins, and here comes one … Read more

Office Makes Employee’s Dog The Official “Barketing Manager”

Workplace dogs are becoming more common these days. Usually, they’re pets of employees who want them by their side during the day. Some dogs, like Kira, have official roles at the company. After accompanying him to work for a while, the pup from Lithuania received her own ID badge from her dad’s company. As her … Read more