Clip Of Doggie Movie Screening Of Paws Of Fury Delights The Internet

Imagine a movie theater filled with adorable dogs, all being pampered and given the royal treatment. It’s just as satisfying to watch as it sounds. All of them were celebrated the way we know our own dogs definitely deserve. Doggy influencers, or those with thousands of internet followers, literally walked the red carpet, were given … Read more

Doggie Dad Checks Doorbell Cam On Vacation And Finds Own Lost Pup

There’s no place like home. Well, at least that’s how a four-legged escape artist named Dexter feels. Dexter, a crafty canine from Kansas, made that quite clear when he intentionally escaped from doggy daycare while his family was far away. He could have gone anywhere, but where did the homesick pup decide to dash off … Read more