Pioneering treatment saves Riley from rare and aggressive form of anemia

A Scottish hospital has used a rare treatment to save a one-year-old dog from an unusual blood condition. Riley, a springer spaniel and border collie-cross, has now made a full recovery following several days in intensive care at the Vets Now emergency unit in Glasgow, followed by six months of further medication. The team used … Read more

Pause rabbit sales over abandonment ‘crisis’, RWAF urges

The UK’s leading rabbit welfare charity is calling for an immediate pause on the sale of new rabbits following an unprecedented rise in the number being abandoned. Rescue centers and charities are all reporting a surge of abandoned and mistreated rabbits, and the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) believes the scale of the problem … Read more

Heroic Georgia dog fights off coyote pack preying on flock of sheep | Dogs

If anyone has earned the title of very good boy, it’s Casper, a 20-month-old Great Pyrenees from Decatur, Georgia, who single-handedly killed eight coyotes trying to prey on his owner’s sheep. Last week, a pack of 11 coyotes attacked the flock of farmer John Wierwiller, according to a report from a local television station, WAGA-TV. … Read more

Tributes for Brisbane meter reader mauled to death by dogs | Queensland

Colleagues have paid tribute to 42-year-old meter reader Kane Minion, who was mauled to death by dogs on a property south of Brisbane. Minion was found in a critical condition on Saturday morning, but died at the scene of the attack on Ison Rd, Greenbank. Emergency services were called to the fenced property at 10.47am, … Read more

Vets backed to help tackle ‘alarming’ rise in domestic abuse referrals

One of the UK’s biggest veterinary care providers has called for the industry as a whole to do more to support animals and their owners who are facing domestic abuse. The plea from IVC Evidensia comes after two charities reported an “alarming” surge in the number of animals being referred to their fostering services. But … Read more

Do dogs get cataracts? – Self Help Direct

Cataracts are essentially an abnormal cloudiness of the lens of the eye; usually caused by proteins that clump together so that the lens becomes opaque over time.

Cataracts prevent light passing through the lens and reaching the retina at the back of the eye which is where images are normally formed giving sight. A cataract may be a small speck in the eyes’ lens, that hardly interferes with vision, or a much more severe larger problem affecting the whole lens and thus causing blindness.

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sponsored Purina launches new commitments to pets, people and the planet

Known for delivering consistently high-quality pet nutrition for more than 125 years, Europe’s leading pet care company, Purina, is also passionate about creating richer lives for pets and the people who love them. This passion has led to the launch of six new Purina Commitments, which address key social impact areas. The new commitments demonstrate … Read more

Canine research awards scheme opens

One of the world’s largest international awards for veterinary canine research is open to nominations from vets, students and scientists. The International Canine Health Awards 2023 are organized by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust, and underwritten by a major gift from the Vernon and Shirley Hill Foundation, and have inspired scientific innovation in canine health … Read more

Abnormalities in pugs at risk of necrotising meningoencephalitis

Necrotising meningoencephalitis (NME) is a nasty inflammatory disease of the CNS that is rapidly progressive, hard to treat and often fatal. Because of its rapid progression, by the time a diagnosis is made, severe neurological problems are often already present. Pug dogs are genetically predisposed to the disease. Windsor et al1 performed a prospective observational … Read more