Are there any horses who don’t need passports?

It is estimated that around 850,000 horses and ponies live in the UK. The vast majority of these horses, by law, require a personalized, unique identity document known as a horse passport. In this article, we look at the reasons behind the passport scheme and which animals are included. As well as exploring which horses have been granted an exemption.

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Don’t stop moving for Vetlife fund-raiser

A veterinary sector support charity has warned its work is likely to be needed more than ever before ahead of a major fund-raising event. Professionals are being urged to get involved in the third Veterinary Month of Movement (VMOM) this October, in aid of Vetlife. The charity provides a helpline, plus health and financial support … Read more

‘If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll get bit’: can an alligator be man’s best friend? | Animals

Name: WallyGator. Age: Seven. Appearance: 1.66m, 32kg, razor-toothed reptile. Occupation: Emotional support alligator. Come again? He has all the paperwork. What do you mean, paperwork? Wally’s owner, Joseph Henney of York, Pennsylvania, has a letter from his doctor stating that the alligator’s companionship is necessary to Henney’s mental well-being. If he wants company, why doesn’t … Read more

Finalists For The 2022 Comedy Pet Photo Awards Don’t Disappoint

In an age where almost everyone has some kind of a camera on them at all times, we have more hilarious pet pics than we can possibly handle. That’s why the Comedy Pet Photography Awards came into existence. Well, actually, they evolved from a similar concept, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Brought to us by … Read more

Why Don’t Vets Use the Phrase ‘Put to Sleep’ Anymore?

If you’ve ever had a very sick or elderly pet, no doubt you will have had the difficult, awkward, emotional and sometimes heated conversation with yourself regarding the end of their life. Maybe it went the way you expected, maybe not. You may have even noticed your pet using certain terms to describe your pet’s death. What are these phrases? Why are some problematic? Do vets not say ‘put to sleep’ anymore?

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Don’t Get Laminitis!

While I was feeding Vitamin (doesn’t she look well?) her daily bucket, I went around to talk to everyone to tell them one thing…. Don’t you get laminitis, Storm….. Or you, Silver…. (note-to-self, I must brush your forelock again) And absolutely not you, Tiddles…. Fivla? Please no….. Definitely not you, Waffle! Oh you, Newt! Step … Read more

City tells New Yorkers: don’t panic about ‘splooting’ squirrels | New York

It’s baking hot in New York, which can only mean one thing for the city’s small mammal population: it’s spoiling season. This week, with temperatures reaching 95F (35C), the city’s parks department urged residents not to worry about the health of squirrels seen sprawling on the ground, legs extended behind them like a person whose … Read more

Freya the walrus: Norway officials warn of euthanasia risk if crowds don’t stay away | Animals

Norwegian authorities say they are considering putting down a walrus that won hearts basking in the sun of the Oslo fjord, because of the danger to the public and itself from sightseers. Despite repeated appeals to the public to keep their distance from the walrus – a young female weighing 600kg (1,300 pounds) that has … Read more

Betty & Her RBF Demand Obedience, But Don’t Give A Flip About Your Approval

Although born in a barn and the runt of her litter, Betty the cat is no peasant. In Betty’s world, we’re the peasants, and her RBF hits so hard, you’ll never forget she’s your queen! And because Betty and her resting are so fierce, her parents knew they needed to share the wonder of their … Read more