Under a nest: protected gulls roost on roof of Dorset police car | Wildlife

You may think they have plenty of conventional spots – cliffs, islands, seaside rooftops, chimney pots – to nest on. But a pair of herring gulls have opted to construct their nest on the roof of a Dorset police car, taking it out of action because they are a protected species and cannot be disturbed. … Read more

Dorset ospreys produce egg for first time in 200 years | Environment

A pair of ospreys have made the first breeding attempt in southern England for almost 200 years. Conservationists are delighted that a pair of birds at Poole Harbor, Dorset, have produced an egg, which they are guarding at a nest in a secret location. Thanks to nest cameras, viewers can watch the female osprey incubate … Read more

Disbanding of Dorset wildlife crime team puts birds of prey ‘at risk’ | Birds

Birds of prey are being put at risk by the disbanding of one of the country leading wildlife crime teams, campaigners have warned, raising fears it could be part of a nationwide pattern. Wildlife crime officers work to stop offences such as raptor persecution, where birds of prey are poisoned or shot by gamekeepers and … Read more