Delivery Driver Cautiously Approaches Porch Where Pit Bull Is Watching & Waiting

To a dog comfortably resting on his own porch in his own domain, the approaching delivery person can seem like a threat. That’s why there is some truth to the concept of dogs hating mailmen. It’s a tough thing to avoid, which is why delivery drivers often have to be very cautious approaching homes where … Read more

UPS Driver Yells At Man For Leaving Dog In Car On Scorching Florida Day

***Warning: This post includes a video with foul language/profanity. *** A video shot at a Florida UPS store has gone viral after capturing an altercation between a customer and a delivery driver. The UPS employee is an obvious animal lover who wasn’t shy about expressing his anger with the scene he witnessed on a scorching … Read more

Man With Rowdy Dog Accidentally Terrorizes Delivery Driver

Dogs are the best, but let’s face it, they don’t always make things easy for delivery drivers. Come to think of it; people don’t really do that either. Mark Polchleb, a TikToker who lives in Australia, recently shared a five-part video journey that begins with an unruly dog ​​and ends with a touching moment of … Read more

Pit Bull Sobs Like A ‘Baby’ After Mom’s Death And Begs UPS Driver To Give Him A Home

We absolutely love reading stories about delivery drivers and dogs they meet along the way. This story is extra special. Meet Katie Newhouser and Leo, this is their story! Katie Newhouser has worked as a UPS delivery person for 15 years. She enjoys giving snacks and hugs to the dogs on her route. That’s how … Read more

Amazon Driver Delivers Cat To Safety After She Was Tossed From Car Window

Amazon delivery drivers do more than make customers happy by delivering their packages. They’re also heroes to cats in need! And thanks to a kind-hearted Amazon delivery driver, a young black cat can count herself lucky after being tossed from a moving car window onto a busy roadway. At the intersection of Franklin Avenue and … Read more

Couple Killed By Drunk Driver Needs Home For Their Beloved Dogs

In a recent tragedy, a couple was killed by a drunk driver during a police chase in California. Aaron McDonald, 31, and Irene Jaramillo, 30, were planning a wedding for the summer. But when they were driving home after Irene’s birthday celebration on April 2nd, a drunk driver struck their car and killed both of … Read more