Welfare fears at plans to restrict drug used for chronic pain

Vets fear proposals to restrict a key treatment used for chronic pain in dogs and cats to humans only could hit animal welfare. While myriad licensed vet analgesic medications are available and prescribed, human antiviral amantadine is also used by vets because no licensed product is available for the treatment of central sensitization – a … Read more

Injured Dog Finds Family After Accidentally Being Drug Behind A Truck For One Mile

Kaaawa K-9 Rescue in Kaaawa, HI is a temporary home for the abused, neglected, and forgotten dogs of Oahu. For the past two years, Michelle Cooley and Mariner Hawkins have made homes for dogs found foraging for food along hiking trails and puppies left cowering under bushes and in dumpsters. They’ve rejoiced when homes were … Read more