Starving Dog ‘Dumped’ On Streets, Left To Die And Woman Fights All Odds To Save Him

On a Christmas weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pia was strolling down the street when she came upon a tiny and emaciated dog, abandoned and covered in sores all over, submissively hoping to die. She knew she had to assist him right away.   Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video   The … Read more

Dog Was Dumped At Rescue Deaf And Unable To Walk, Now He’s Found A Forever Family

Despite there being a tornado watch issued for the area, Razz’s previous owner still decided to dump him near the outdoor kennels at the Richland County Dog Shelter. The one-year-old Pittie mix was deaf, unable to walk, and left all alone. But now, the tides have turned, and not only can he walk, but he’s … Read more

Fed Up Rescuer Writes Open Letter To Person Who Dumped 2 Dogs

It can be exhausting hearing all the stories about abandoned dogs. It sometimes seems like there’s a neverending stream of unloved puppies pouring out into the streets as people just dump them when they don’t want them anymore. But if we’ve learned anything reading all these stories, it’s that for every human who abandons a … Read more

23 Cats Dumped On Shelter Doorstep Highlight Importance Of Proper Surrender

Animal rescues and shelters never see a break when it comes to intakes. Their facilities and foster homes stay packed as animals always remain in need. In the already crowded and underfunded rescue world, things can get even more complicated when a large load of animals gets anonymously dumped, making the scramble to feed, treat, … Read more

‘Pining’ For Family Who Dumped Him, Dog In A ‘Kill-Shelter’ Wept As They Passed Him By

Rescue stories always tug on our heartstrings. And this one sure tugged a little harder than others and you’ll understand as you watch the video of Blue’s rescue below. A dog is supposed to be part of a family’s life for the rest of its existence when it is adopted. Understood circumstances may arise, and … Read more

Dumped Dog With Potato Chip-Like Scales Looked “Unrecognizable” After He Was Rescued

This story really tugged on our heartstrings and the transformation of this dog is unbelievable! Augustus, the dog, is going to have you in shock in this scenario. He was born covered in hard, thick scales as a result of awful treatment and neglect. Image / Story Source Credit: The Daily Share via YouTube Video … Read more

Puppy Dumped By Owner In Middle Of Nowhere, Chases A Jogger And Begs To Be Rescued

A puppy was discovered hiding behind the bushes one morning on this popular walkway on the outskirts of the city by a runner who was out for a run. The dog had been abandoned by its owners and was hiding from him. Image / Story Source Credit: TDPets via YouTube Video The jogger went on … Read more

His Heart ‘Ached’ So Much After Family Dumped Him, Shuts Himself Down And Cried All Day

Ritter, a 4-yr-old American Bulldog from Indiana, was just surrendered to the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana following devastating events that had befallen his family. They gave up Ritter as a result of bad circumstances that had beset his household. Meet Ritter, this is his story! Image / Story Source Credit: Humane Society … Read more