Country diary: An early morning commune with the corn buntings | Birds

Ffrom my house I can walk to the shoulders of the South Downs, around farmland where corn buntings reside – a world away from my urban home. It’s my favorite place to walk the dog, but it’s been so hot lately that we’ve missed our adventures. Today, she gets me up at 4.30am. We set … Read more

Birdwatch: the greenfinch is the soundtrack of early summer | Birds

I have a confession to make. I once wrote, in this very column, about my five least favorite birds. (I know, it’s like saying you have a least favorite child. I’m sorry, OK.) At number four on the list, sandwiched between meadow pipit and wood pigeon, and just behind greylag and the Canada goose, was … Read more

Prepare sheep farmers for early blowfly strike – Elanco

Vets are being encouraged to ensure sheep farmers apply blowfly strike protection early in the season to prevent strike and stop the blowflies’ first breeding wave. Blowfly strike is weather dependent, with blowfly activity often seen soon after soil temperatures rise above 9 ° C. Matt Colston, ruminant technical consultant at Elanco Animal Health, said: … Read more