COVID-19 vaccination does not affect fertility or early pregnancy

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. In a new study from Mount Sinai, researchers found that vaccination against COVID-19 did not affect fertility outcomes in patients undergoing in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The findings add to the growing body of evidence that provides assurance that COVID-19 vaccination does not affect fertility. In the study, the team compared rates of … Read more

Something in Your Eyes May Reveal if You’re at Risk of Early Death, Study Shows

A quick and painless scan of the human eyeball could one day help doctors identify ‘fast-trackers’, who are at increased risk of premature death. Aging obviously has an effect on everyone’s body, but just because two people have the same number of years under their belt doesn’t mean they are physically in decline at the … Read more

Get Early Access to Full Site Editing! – News

Get Early Access to Full Site Editing! A cavalier’s wife A major change is coming to WordPress to make it easier than ever to create websites called Full-Site Editing. You can be one of the first to try it on only, before it is integrated with core open source WordPress with the upcoming release … Read more

Latest Study Finds No Trace of Aliens in 4-Billion-Year-Old Martian Meteorite

So far, we have found over a hundred precious rocks of Mars that have traveled from the red planet and landed on Earth at some point. Among those, specimen ALH84001 may well be one of the most enigmatic. This piece of meteorite was picked up during a moving snow ride at Alan Hills ice field … Read more

Is it too early to be optimistic about this year’s Rio Grande flow? – jfleck at inkstain

Yes. But that doesn’t stop me! The Jan. 1 forecasts, courtesy of Angus Goodbody of the NRCS, are for flows in Otowi (end of the Rio Grande Valley of Central New Mexico) and San Marcial (the tail) for “normal” flows, where “normal” is defined now by the median of the flow from 1991-2020. Courtesy of … Read more