Study Finds People With High Emotional Reactivity Are Typically Drawn To Cats

If you own a cat, you know felines can calm stress and bring tranquility to the people who love them. One recent study concentrates on this power, revealing people with high emotional drives tend to be drawn to cats, and these strong feelings would better benefit from their inclusion in animal therapy programs. In the … Read more

Dog Dad Pens Emotional Poem From His Late Dog’s Perspective

Dogs are more than just pets. They’re companions, family members, and loved ones. Many people spend more time going on adventures with their dogs than they do with many of the humans in their lives, so losing a furry friend is more heartbreaking than we could ever anticipate. Alec Longhurst had a special connection with … Read more

Snake on a plane: reptile causes emotional turbulence on United Airlines jet | Airline industry

The unexpected appearance of a live snake on a plane caused some turbulence among business-class passengers aboard a United Airlines jet at the end of a flight from Florida to New Jersey. The stowaway reptile, identified as a harmless garter snake, turned up on United Airlines Flight 2038 from Tampa shortly after landing Monday afternoon … Read more

How an alligator became an emotional support animal: ‘They said it was a midlife crisis’ | Animals

Joseph Henney, 69, grew up on a farm in the same area of ​​Dover, Pennsylvania he lives in now. From a young age, Henney was surrounded by a wide range of animals, such as cattle, coyotes, snakes and hogs, which makes owning a pet alligator perhaps the least surprising thing about him. But Henney’s gator … Read more

Dogs Might Experience Emotional “Tears Of Joy” Like We Do

Dogs’ eyes can get watery like humans’ can, but before a recent study, there was no evidence that their tears related to emotions. Dogs don’t seem to sob when they’re sad, but Professor Takefumi Kikusui began to wonder if dogs experienced “tears of joy” after seeing his Standard Poodles’ eyes well up during emotional moments. … Read more

Dr. Travis Gets Emotional During Tribute To His Senior Rescue Dog

Thinking about losing your dog is something that can easily make any dog ​​parent sad. Even if you know your dog doesn’t have much time left, it’s still difficult to talk about their death without tearing up. People without dogs might not understand, but Dr. Travis Stork from the show The Doctors understands more than … Read more

Dog Mom Details Her Dog’s Eventful Last Day Alive In Achingly Emotional Video

An unfortunate aspect of being a pet parent is that, more than likely, you will outlive them. The day we have to say goodbye is a day we all dread. But why not make it the best day possible, for both you and your pup, by doing all of your favorite things together one last … Read more

Animal Shelter Refuses To Release Emotional Support Dog To Her Family

A family from South Carolina had spent five worrisome weeks looking for their lost dog. Their sweet girl Legacy means so much to their entire family. When they finally figured out that she had been found and taken to the local animal shelter, they were relieved to know she was safe and sound. But the … Read more

Emotional Support Dog Is Adopted By Another Family During Owner’s Medical Emergency

The heartwarming moment of a man being reunited with his beloved best friend and service dog after an unexpected three weeks apart was caught on video by a local news station. Joey Martin and his German Shepherd mix Maximus ventured from Portland to Auburn, Washington, where they were looking forward to exploring Olympic National Park … Read more

Foster Mom Gets Emotional Watching Blind & Deaf Puppy Navigate The World

Animal rescue is all about recognizing that every animal deserves a chance: a chance to live and a chance to be happy. Sometimes that means putting in a little extra effort for a dog with special needs because they deserve to be adopted too. Mary Jo DiLonardo fosters puppies through Speak! Rescue and Sanctuary, a … Read more