Big appetite for frogs’ legs among French and Belgians driving species to extinction | Endangered species

A voracious appetite for frogs’ legs among the French and Belgians is driving amphibian species in Indonesia, Turkey and Albania to the brink of extinction, according to a new report. Europe imports up to 200 million mostly wild frogs every year, and contributes to a serious depletion of native species abroad in the process. Scientists … Read more

How heat damages the DNA of endangered purple-crowned fairy wrens | Western Australia

Endangered purple-crowned fairy wrens – tiny but striking Australian songbirds – could be at even greater risk from global heating after a study found that exposure to hot and dry conditions damages nestlings’ DNA. Unlike the more tangible effects of global heating on species – such as a rising risk of bushfires, loss of habitat … Read more

The reef fish people find ugly more likely to be endangered, study finds | fold

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but “ugly” fish deserve love too, according to a study. The reef fish people rate as most aesthetically pleasing are also the ones that seem to need the least conservation support, while the fish most likely to rank as “ugly” are the most endangered species, the research … Read more

Can cross-breeding protect endangered species from the climate emergency? | Evolution

The Houston Ship Channel is a rubbish home for a fish. It’s one of the busiest ports in the world and all that traffic has made the water slick with toxic chemicals. Yet the Gulf killifish has found a way: it has evolved pollution resistance by cross-breeding with a different species, the Atlantic killifish, which … Read more

‘No excuses’: limited conservation efforts could save at least 47 Australian animals from extinction | Endangered species

More than 40 Australian animals at the highest risk of extinction in the next two decades could be saved – and it would only take a small amount of extra conservation effort to achieve this, according to new research. A team of Australian scientists has identified the 63 vertebrates they believe are most likely to … Read more

High hopes for baby boom after release of 50 eastern quolls in NSW sanctuary | Endangered species

There are hopes 50 eastern quolls returned to the wilderness in NSW will spark a historic baby boom for the endangered creatures. It is the largest single release of the little predators on mainland by conservation organization Aussie Ark. The creatures are now roaming free within the confines of the 400 hectare protected Barrington Wildlife … Read more

A wing and a prayer: is there hope for Britain’s loneliest bat? | Endangered species

Thena dank, disused railway tunnel in West Sussex hangs a brown, furry parcel, the sole known representative of Britain’s rarest mammal. Scientists do not like to apply emotive adjectives to animals, but if ever there were a lonesome creature, it would be this greater mouse-eared bat. The bat’s reappearance in December for its 20th winter … Read more

Wildlife activists make 11th hour plea to save koalas before Victorian blue gums logged | Endangered species

Wildlife campaigners have made a last ditch plea to the Victorian government to save koalas in a blue gum plantation due to be logged on Friday. The Victorian government has approved the clear-felling of the Gordon plantation by owner Midway Pty Ltd without relocating the koalas, despite pleas from local carers and experts to protect … Read more

New frog species discovered in Australia – and it’s already endangered | Australia news

Australian scientists have discovered a new species of frog in south-east Queensland and it’s already classified as endangered. The new mountain frog’s only known habitat is the world heritage-listed Gondwana rainforests which were extensively burned during the 2019-20 black summer bushfires. Dubbed Philoria knowlesi, after the Sydney environmentalist Ross Knowles, the frog was discovered thanks … Read more

One in five reptiles faces extinction in what would be a ‘devastating’ blow | Endangered species

More than a fifth of all reptile species are threatened with extinction, which could have a “devastating” impact on the planet, a new study warns. The largest ever analysis of the state of the world reptiles, published in Nature, found that 21% of reptile species are facing extinction. From lizards to snakes, such a loss … Read more