Shallow torpor keeps hummingbirds on their toes when conserving energy | Journal of Experimental Biology

Keeping warm is expensive, especially when paired with one of the fastest lifestyles in the world. During the day, hummingbirds are foraging for sugar-rich nectar to fuel their high octane existence, but at night, the aeronautical acrobats must save energy, slipping into a small form of hibernation, and called torture; many lower their body temperature … Read more

Scientists find mysterious energy source in the universe unlike anything before

The Milky Way as seen from Earth. The star icon shows the location of the mysterious iteration that repeats. Credit: Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker (ICRAR / Curtin). A team mapping radio waves in the universe has discovered something unusual that releases a massive burst of energy three times an hour, unlike anything astronomers have seen before. … Read more

Tonga Eruption Was Equivalent to ‘100s of Hiroshima Bombs’, Says NASA

The volcanic eruption in the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga peaked on January 15 with more explosive force than 100 simultaneous Hiroshima bombs, NASA scientists reported on Monday 24 January. Using a combination of satellite and surface-based surveys, researchers calculated the explosive power of the volcano based on the amount of rock that was removed … Read more

Record-Breaking Nuclear Fusion Experiment Achieves Historic Plasma Milestone

The secret behind a record-breaking nuclear fusion experiment that spits 10 watts of quarts of power in a split second has been revealed: “self-heating” – or “burning” plasma of neutron heavy hydrogen inside into the fuel capsule used in the experiment, according to researchers. Last year, scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Northern California … Read more

Study Finds Protein Structures That Could Be Responsible For The Origins of Life

The question of how life on our planet first began is one that we have not yet fully answered, but science is constantly getting closer – and a new study is identifying the structures of proteins that might have made it that it happened. Initially, the team behind the study decided to start from the … Read more

It May Be Time to Reconsider Energy Efficiency Exemptions for Historic Buildings

Maybe It’s Time to Revisit Energy Efficiency Exemptions for Historic Buildings by Anna Gasha |January 18, 2022 Despite longstanding rhetoric, older buildings are not always greener. A recent analysis found that the 1919 Federal Reserve Bank of New York, for example, exceeded its 2024 emissions targets, while the 1920 American Stock Exchange building now. (Photos: … Read more

Largest dark energy map could reveal the fate of the universe

An adapted telescope in Arizona has produced an interim map, already the largest three-dimensional map of the universe – and the instrument is only about a tenth of the way through its five-year mission. Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), a collaboration between Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California and scientists worldwide, was installed from 2015 … Read more

Take a Look at The Largest And Most Detailed 3D Map of The Universe Ever Made

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), currently pointing to the sky from its home in the Nicholas U. Mayall Telescope at the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona, is responsible for tracking space expansion, investigating dark energy , and create the largest detailed 3D map of the Universe ever put together. It’s only seven months … Read more

Nuclear fusion reaches renewable energy milestone

It’s hard to think of something more powerful than the sun. The sun in the solar system, and other stars in outer space, are powered by a physical reaction called nuclear fusion. This process occurs when two light nuclei, positive electrical protons and neutral electric neutrons found in the nucleus of an atom, merge and … Read more