Back from the brink: how bison, bears and beavers returned to Europe | Environment

Top predators are making a comeback across Europe, according to a new report compiled by the Zoological Society of London, BirdLife International and the European Bird Census Council for Rewilding Europe. These are some of the top species making an “exciting” recovery: Eurasian beaver Beavers started to decline in the 17th century with the introduction … Read more

UK government faces court challenge over ‘Frankenchickens’ | Environment

An animal welfare charity has been granted a court hearing to challenge the government over the legality in England of fast-growing broiler chickens. The UK’s first animal law firm, Advocates For Animals, has brought the case on behalf of the Humane League UK regarding so-called “Frankenchickens”, which can suffer from a wide range of health … Read more

Birdwatch: little grebes reach for their muted winter wardrobe | Environment

From the depths of the reed bed comes a sound like a whining horse. This is no aquatic equestrian, however, but our smallest waterbird: the aptly named little grebe. Their small size and habit of skulking around the edge of ponds and lakes means these birds are easy to miss. That’s especially true here on … Read more

New five-point plan launches to reduce the impact of parasiticides on the environment

The BVA, BSAVA and British Veterinary Zoological Society (BVZS) have launched a new resource to help veterinary professionals practice responsible use of parasiticide products for dogs and cats. A five-point plan has been created to help reduce the impact of parasiticide use following results from BVA’s 2021 July Voice of the Veterinary Profession mini survey, … Read more

Butterflywatch: rare tall brown fritillary thrives on Dartmoor | Environment

There always seems to be one British butterfly species in a death spiral towards extinction. The Duke of Burgundy was on the brink but targeted conservation action has brought a surge in numbers over recent seasons. Over the last decade, the disappearance of the high brown fritillary has most worried butterfly lovers. It experienced a … Read more

sponsored Music for pets – creating an environment where your animals can prosper

A place where animals come to get better is often a place where pets and owners alike could feel anxious, and the irony isn’t lost on us. Stress can be caused by many things and working at a veterinary practice can be unpredictable, especially in cases where animals are nervous. In a recent survey, we … Read more

Keeping it wild: how mules help preserve the last untamed places in the US | Environment

HHere’s a partial list of things you cannot, under any circumstances, take into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, in Montana: chainsaws, mountain bikes, ATVs, tractors, wheelbarrows. If it has gears, it stays home. If it’s mechanical in any way, it’s a no-go. Those are the rules deemed necessary to protect the United States’ 803 federally designated … Read more

Can wildlife stage a comeback on Sombrero Island’s barren moonscape? | Environment

Sombrero island has been so degraded by human activity that it no longer looks like a hat to approaching sailors. Once a small mound covered in forest, and with its own species of giant tortoise, the 94-acre outpost has been transformed into a barren moonscape by guano mining, invasive mice and hurricanes. The island, part … Read more

Birdwatch: colonies hit by avian flu on Farne Islands sound warning | Environment

Britain’s seabird colonies are, in the words of the veteran conservationist Roy Dennis, “our Serengeti”. Few other places on the planet make such an assault on the senses: the sight, sound and smell of tens of thousands of birds, gathered together each summer to breed. Of all our seabird sites, none is more special than … Read more

Rare hummingbird last seen in 2010 rediscovered in Colombia | Environment

A rare hummingbird has been rediscovered by a birdwatcher in Colombia after going missing for more than a decade. The Santa Marta sabrewing, a large hummingbird only found in Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, was last seen in 2010 and scientists feared the species might be extinct as the tropical forests it inhabited … Read more