Chimp escapes from Kharkiv zoo before being given raincoat and taken back on bike – video | Global

There was a glimpse of humor for the residents of Kharkiv in Ukraine, as an escaped chimpanzee from a local zoo wandered around the city’s streets. Chichi, who broke out of the zoo on Monday, was followed around by the zoo’s employees who attempted to persuade her to return. After a spot of rain, Chichi … Read more

Chimpanzee escapes from zoo in under-fire Ukrainian city | Ukraine

A chimpanzee who escaped Kharkiv city zoo on Monday was persuaded to return by a zoo employee who wheeled it back on a bicycle. Staff at the zoo in Ukraine’s second largest city were struggling to persuade Chichi, who had wandered around the streets and a nearby park, to return to the zoo with them. … Read more

Dog Escapes Pet Hotel And Travels 2 Miles To Ring His Own Doorbell

Choosing a safe place for your dog to stay while you’re on vacation is crucial. However, even the most secure facilities can not hold back some determined dogs. As soon as Jeremy and Sarah Henson left their dog, Dexter, at a Kansas pet hotel in February, the pup began planning his escape. After Jeremy and … Read more