TESS Science Office at MIT Hits Milestone of 5,000 Exoplanet Candidates

An aerial map is now overflowing with over 5,000 extraterrestrial candidates from NASA’s TESS mission. The TESS Science Office at MIT released the latest batch of TESS Objects of Interest (big orange points on the map) on December 21, boosting the catalog to this milestone of counting 5,000. Credit: Image courtesy of NASA / MIT … Read more

Strange Deformed Planet With Mysterious Motion Detected by Exoplanet Mission Cheops

An artist’s impression of the planet WASP-103b and its supporting star. Credit: ESA Those outlawed Mission Cheops revealed that an outburst that rotates the star that hosts it within a day has a deformed shape more like a rugby ball than a sphere. This is the first time an extracorporeal deformation has been detected, offering … Read more

Astronomers Detect Water Vapor in The Atmosphere of a ‘Super Neptune’ Exoplanet

New Year’s Day comes around once every 47.5 hours on the planet out of the size of Neptune TOI 674b, which makes it a rare creature. Despite years of hunting, surprisingly few medium-sized gas giants have ever been seen with orbits shorter than a few days long, creating what astronomers refer to as the Neptunian … Read more

Weird ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet is shaped like a football

A distant planet looks more like a football than a normal field, according to researchers in a groundbreaking new study. The strange shape of the ultrahot WASP-103b, which is more than 1,000 light years from Earth, is due to the planet being stretched by the gravitational forces of its parent star, according to the new … Read more