Big appetite for frogs’ legs among French and Belgians driving species to extinction | Endangered species

A voracious appetite for frogs’ legs among the French and Belgians is driving amphibian species in Indonesia, Turkey and Albania to the brink of extinction, according to a new report. Europe imports up to 200 million mostly wild frogs every year, and contributes to a serious depletion of native species abroad in the process. Scientists … Read more

Britain’s birds of prey are back from the brink of extinction – and live on webcam | Birds

The watch in delight as an osprey lands on a Scots pine, bringing a huge fish back to its hungry chicks. Moments later, I have close-up views of a red kite, its nest swaying to and fro in the breeze. Finally, I witness the first flight of a young peregrine – the fastest living creature … Read more

Half of UK’s butterfly species vulnerable to extinction as five join red list | Butterflies

Half of Britain’s butterfly species are now listed as threatened with extinction after five more joined the new “red list” of endangered butterflies. The increase in the number of species listed as “vulnerable” from nine in 2011 to 16 today is a warning that time is running out to save the 58 resident species, according … Read more

‘No excuses’: limited conservation efforts could save at least 47 Australian animals from extinction | Endangered species

More than 40 Australian animals at the highest risk of extinction in the next two decades could be saved – and it would only take a small amount of extra conservation effort to achieve this, according to new research. A team of Australian scientists has identified the 63 vertebrates they believe are most likely to … Read more

Extinction obituary: why experts weep for the quiet and beautiful Hawaiian po’ouli | Hawaii

The last po’ouli died in an unusual nest. Too weak to perch, the brownish-gray songbird rested in a small towel twisted into a ring. He was the last of his species, the last in fact of an entire group of finches, and occurred nowhere on Earth outside its native Hawaii. For weeks, as scientists tried … Read more

One in five reptiles faces extinction in what would be a ‘devastating’ blow | Endangered species

More than a fifth of all reptile species are threatened with extinction, which could have a “devastating” impact on the planet, a new study warns. The largest ever analysis of the state of the world reptiles, published in Nature, found that 21% of reptile species are facing extinction. From lizards to snakes, such a loss … Read more

Koala IVF could help save species from extinction | New South Wales

Freezing koala sperm could become a key part of a strategy to save koalas from extinction by 2050. University of Newcastle scientists Lachlan Howell and Ryan Witt say koala “biobanking” could be harnessed with IVF technology to help endangered species reproduce. An estimated 64,000 koalas were killed when 5.5m hectares were ravaged by the 2019-20 … Read more