Lady Held Sad-Eyed Baby’s Face, Vowed His Days Among The Trash Were Over

In poverty-stricken areas that are overrun by strays, homeless animals are often overlooked by humans too poor to take care of themselves. They lack the resources to help, but in this instance, a kind human who passed by a puppy in need posted his photo online and pleaded for help. DAR Animal Rescue saw the … Read more

He Yearned For Owner Till His Bones Showed, Whimpers As Woman Cradles His Face

A woman walked into an apartment building and found a dog standing there. He was skin and bones. It almost seemed like the dog was waiting for someone… someone who wasn’t coming back. Despite mistreatment, the loyalty of a dog will continue to shine through. Dogs are such loving creatures and will often overlook the … Read more

Family That Loses Dog Goes To Shelter To Adopt New Pet, Finds A Familiar Face

After three long months of searching, and not a single clue to help them find their lost dog, a family finally decided to head to their local shelter to adopt another furry family member. But then, despite seeing dozens of dogs, there wasn’t any kind of connection. That was until they noticed a picture on … Read more

Hairless Dog With Matted Eyes Shut Wonders If She’ll Ever See A Friendly Face

When Aimee Shaw first saw photos of Morena in November 2019, she had no idea what color the dog’s hair or eyes were. That’s because the pitiful stray was almost completely hairless, with her eyes matted shut from infection. Shaw, president of Shaw Pit Bull Rescue, says the pup was found close to Mississippi’s Columbus … Read more

Resilience in the face of global challenges: a Sri Lankan case example

Imagine your Monday morning commute. You try to fill up at your local petrol station only to find a mile-long queue that’s been there since Friday – the petrol station is still dry. Public transportation options are limited – no fuel for buses and the train you’re lucky to board is standing room only. You … Read more

Country diary: The dragonfly hovers to inspect my face | Insects

or still, warm autumn morning, and ivy in full bloom is cascading over the wall around Auckland park, seething with insects: comma and red admiral butterflies, honeybees and bumblebees, bluebottles, wasps, drone flies and hoverflies. Does the ancient ivy support the crumbling wall, or vice versa? Its glossy leaves and lime-green flowers hide the stone … Read more

US farmers face plague of pests as global heating raises soil temperatures | Climate crisis

Agricultural pests that devour key food crops are advancing northwards in the US and becoming more widespread as the climate heats up, new research warns. The corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) is considered to be among the most common farm pests in the US, ravaging crops such as corn, cotton, soy and other vegetables. It spends … Read more

Ukrainian Sisters Face Russian Risk To Evacuate & Care For Cats In Need

Since February 24th, Ukraine has been under Russian attack. Half a year later, Ukrainian citizens have time and again proved their tenacity and strength of will. Even as Russian cruelty threatens their lives, they continue to endure. Among them are heroes fighting to help innocent animals. Sisters Evgeniya and Olga Drach are two brave animal … Read more

British farmers face paying for border checkpoints in the EU after Brexit halts exports Brexit

British farmers are trying to set up red tape and border checks in France costing millions of pounds – and may even pay for it themselves. Breeders in Britain are unable to export their pedigree cattle, sheep and pigs to the EU because no one has built any border control posts where vets can check … Read more