Girl Takes Her Dying Dog On One Last Car Ride, Dog’s Face Makes Family Tear Up

When the Kramer family first adopted a tiny Pit Bull puppy named Libra, she was just a tiny puppy. The adorable dog quickly formed an immeasurable love for the family’s daughter, April, who was just 8 years old at the time. Over time, Libra grew to be close friends with her adorable kitten sibling, Maxwell. … Read more

Puppy Buried His Face In ‘Denial’ After He Sees His Mom Being Crushed By A Car

Marley the puppy began his life on Earth with the worst possible start, leaving his soul damaged and beaten. He was brought into this world on the mean streets, but his homeless mother dog did her best to care for him. But when Marley’s mother was killed by a vehicle, his little bubble of security … Read more

Baby Shoves Her Finger In Pit Bull’s Mouth And Dog ‘Launches’ Himself At Her Face

If you love Pit Bulls like we do, then you’re going to LOVE this story! Maverick the Pit Bull fell in love with baby Mia the first time he set eyes on her. The sweet-natured boy volunteered to be the baby’s nanny dog ​​and keep a vigilant eye on her at all times. Image / … Read more