Young peregrine falcon falls from Salisbury cathedral tower | Birds

They are known as agile, powerful and rapid flyers. But a young peregrine falcon has undermined the image of its species after an ungainly tumble from a cathedral tower. Named Noble X3C, the bird is one of four that hatched high on Salisbury cathedral this spring, and was days away from being big enough to … Read more

Dog Falls Overboard & Swims Over A Mile Before Rescuers Arrive

Guardsmen aboard US Coast Guard vessel CG24508, based out of Hatteras Inlet, North Carolina, were in the right place at the right time to save a desperate dog’s life this week. A Labrador / Pointer mix named Myla fell overboard while enjoying a Saturday afternoon on Pamlico Sound with her family. The large lagoon is … Read more

Dog Falls Into 12-Foot Hole During Game Of Hide-And-Seek

Fontana, California, is home to a playful pup who had a scary experience. German Shepherds tend to have a personality that is unmatched by other breeds. They can be extremely hardworking while they serve alongside police officers, or they can be lazy while their owners feed them crackers by hand. Lexi, the German Shepherd, is … Read more