‘Pining’ For Family Who Dumped Him, Dog In A ‘Kill-Shelter’ Wept As They Passed Him By

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After losing our family dogs, we could not bear more grief. Then Covid brought puppy love back into our lives | Maddie Thomas

Two years ago, when my family dog ​​died, it marked the end of an era. There were no scuttling feet and a sniff to greet me when I came home to visit and no companion for my parents to go on walks with. We have had a dog for as long as I can remember. … Read more

Family Finally Receives $ 150,000 Settlement After Service Dogs Were Shot By Police

Animal lovers across the nation were outraged when the surveillance video of two dogs being shot by a police officer in Minneapolis made its way across the internet back in 2017. But now, the city has finally approved a settlement to the family who filed a lawsuit. Officer Michael Mays was responding to a burglary … Read more

Sisters Reunited With Dog Adopted By New Family Despite Being Microchipped

Brianna and Savannah, two sisters from Texas, are overjoyed to finally be reunited with their beloved Maltipoo, Byron. After he mysteriously disappeared from their yard on New Year’s Eve 2020, they were devastated. Not only did they participate in his bottle feedings after their uncle’s dog had puppies, but he was welcomed into their family … Read more

Puppy Buried Alive on a Beach is Now Thriving with Foster Fail Family

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Cuddly Family Pup Is So Ginormous People Don’t Believe He’s Real

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Boy With Brain Injury Won’t Wake Up, Family Says ‘Goodbye’ As Dog Lay On Top Of Him

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Brave Young Boys Rescue Their Family Dog From The Grips Of A Boa Constrictor

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Family Dog Bonds With New Momma Cat And Offers To Babysit Her Six Demanding Kittens

On Easter Sunday, an adorable tabby named Freckles gave birth to six healthy baby kittens in her foster home. The six little ones have since been referred to as “The Eggs” in an homage to their Easter birthday. And while Freckles has been a fabulously caring mother to her little eggs since day one, she … Read more