Spoonbills rebound as UK farmers bolster tree cover and wetlands | Birds

With their striking long beaks and elegant white plumage, the spoonbill looks like it belongs somewhere far more exotic than the windswept saltmarshes of the UK. But the large wading bird is enjoying a boom in numbers as landowners across the country improve wetland habitats and tree cover. Once common across England and Wales, the … Read more

‘Emus can break bones’: stop buying giant birds on a whim, farmers warn Birds

Tammy Shull, the owner of Moonlight Valley Farms in Aspers, Pennsylvania, makes a living selling emu chicks across the country. The flightless birds, native to Australia, cost about $200 for “standard” black and brown colors, while the rarer white variety can cost up to $850. Emus are a big part of Shull’s life. But hear … Read more

Guidelines launched for vets working with ‘pasture-only’ meat and dairy farmers

Vet Sustain has joined forces with Pasture for Life to produce a support document to help vets work with Pasture for Life clients. A non-profit community interest company established in March 2021, Vet Sustain works to promote sustainability across the veterinary sector, while Pasture for Life is an initiative created to champion the production of … Read more

Vets urged to help farmers understand IBR control

Vets have been reminded they play a key role in helping farmers prevent respiratory disease outbreaks ahead of the high-risk winter period. Around 70% of UK dairy herds are affected by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) and only 22% of farmers are currently vaccinating. MSD Animal Health said the best IBR prevention strategies included good management, … Read more

US farmers face plague of pests as global heating raises soil temperatures | Climate crisis

Agricultural pests that devour key food crops are advancing northwards in the US and becoming more widespread as the climate heats up, new research warns. The corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) is considered to be among the most common farm pests in the US, ravaging crops such as corn, cotton, soy and other vegetables. It spends … Read more

Farmers in England to be allowed to use ‘lethal force’ on beavers | UK news

Farmers in England will be allowed to shoot beavers if they threaten their crops, the government has revealed. Conservationists have opposed the move, saying the animals are an “ally to farmers”, helping conserve water in times of drought, and are an endangered species that should be treasured. The rodents became extinct in the UK 400 … Read more

British farmers face paying for border checkpoints in the EU after Brexit halts exports Brexit

British farmers are trying to set up red tape and border checks in France costing millions of pounds – and may even pay for it themselves. Breeders in Britain are unable to export their pedigree cattle, sheep and pigs to the EU because no one has built any border control posts where vets can check … Read more

Foot-and-mouth disease: Australian airports to step up precautions as farmers grow anxious | Foot and mouth

The federal government will install acidic disinfectant mats at airports as part of an expanded suite of biosecurity measures to prevent foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) entering Australia from Indonesia. The new precautions come as viral fragments of the disease were detected in food products arriving from China. Charged with a citric acid solution designed to dislodge … Read more

Urge farmers to test for enzootic abortion of ewes – Ceva

Vets are being urged to encourage farming clients to test for enzootic abortion of ewes (EAE) if they have experienced an abortion rate above 2% in flocks or at at least two instances within a few days. According to data released by Ceva Animal Health from its 2021 Assure Ewe subsidized testing scheme, 48% of … Read more

Danish farmers turn their backs on mink after Covid mutation cull | Environment

Danish mink breeders have turned their backs on the industry en masse after being forced to cull their animals over fears a Covid-19 mutation could pose a risk to human health. In November 2020, Denmark, at that point the world’s largest mink producer, controversially announced it would cull approximately 15 million animals due to fears … Read more