Japan makes squid farming breakthrough as wild catches bullets | Japan

Scientists in Japan say they have developed a groundbreaking method of farming squid that could solve shortages of the seafood staple, amid warnings from environmental groups that aquaculture is incompatible with the animal’s welfare. Researchers at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) say their system produced a reliable supply of squid and has … Read more

Fears of Christmas goose shortages as UK’s biggest producer hit by bird flu | Farming

Shoppers could face shortages of British goose this Christmas after the UK’s biggest producer is understood to have been hit by multiple bird flu outbreaks. The UK has suffered what officials have said is the “largest ever outbreak of avian flu” over the past year, with more than 140 reported outbreaks in England alone. The … Read more

Swiss to vote in national poll on banning factory farming | Animal welfare

Swiss voters will vote on Sunday on whether to ban factory farming as unconstitutional and end imports of intensively farmed meat. The latest poll shows 52% of voters oppose a ban, and 47% support one. If the factory-farming ballot initiative is passed, Switzerland’s constitution, which already protects the “welfare and dignity of animals”, would be … Read more

Animals farmed: China’s pork inflation, rabbit farm closes and UK mega-farms | Farming

News from around the world or Dutch city will become the first in the world to ban meat adverts from public spaces in an effort to reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Haarlem will enact the prohibition from 2024 after meat was added to a list of products deemed to contribute to the climate crisis. … Read more

Country diary: Digging for worms, and other post-Brexit jobs for a farmer | Farming

Thet is a warm afternoon and I am lying on my back watching two buzzards circling above. Although thankfully not as hot as it has been, the heat has temporarily defeated me and I have downed my spade for a rest. Our farm is part of Defra’s sustainable farming incentive (SFI) pilot, and we have … Read more

Plea for vets to help stop puppy farming gangs

Veterinary professionals are being urged to do more to help put puppy farming gangs behind bars. Owners have also been encouraged to share any concerns they may have about the origins of their pets with staff amid a surge in illegal breeding during the COVID-19 pandemic. The plea by IVC Evidensia, which has also published … Read more

Country diary: The Highland coos chew sloppily on sweet summer grass | Farming

My American friend shrieks when she first stumbles upon one. With the hilltop ruins of Ruthven Barracks rising behind them, the horned beasts look like relics from a fierce Highland past. But if they’re not with a calf, there’s nothing to fear: Highland cows are gentle souls. These ones turn their shaggy, ginger heads to … Read more