Purina launches feline renal care webinars

Feline renal care will be covered in a two-part series of webinars being organized for vets and nurses across Europe by Purina. The nutrition company said the sessions will provide practical information to help manage difficult cases and focus on the importance of early diagnosis. Attracting two hours of CPD credits, the webinars are on … Read more

New webinar series on feline renal care for nurses – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Purina is hosting two free one-hour webinars on feline renal care for veterinary nurses on the 7th and 28th June at 7pm (British Summer Time) The webinars will provide practical information to help manage renal cases, focusing on the importance of early diagnosis. Led by feline medicine experts, Dr Tommaso Furlanello PhD ECVCP Dip and … Read more

Vet nurses asked to help with ‘biggest ever’ feline hypertension survey – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Dr. Sarah Caney, RCVS recognized Specialist in Feline Medicine, is asking all vet nurses to take part in what she hopes will be the biggest online feline hypertension survey conducted so far, with the aim of getting an accurate insight into how vet teams currently assess blood pressure in cats. Everyone taking part in the … Read more

Free symposium shares latest advances in feline CKD – ​​VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

Purina has published a symposium in which leading experts share the latest on the nutritional and therapeutic management of feline chronic kidney disease (CKD). The symposium, which offers up to 5 hours of CPD, is now available at: https://purinasymposium2022.vicks.com/en/hall#exterior-view In the recording, the following six experts share their knowledge: Tim Williams delves into the aetiopathogenesis … Read more

Symposium on feline CKD available free to vet professionals

A Purina symposium on the latest advances in feline renal care is available free to vets and nurses. The event was originally a live broadcast, but has now been made available as video content, providing five hours of CPD which can be used for improved patient care. It features speakers including Dottie Laflamme and Sarah … Read more

Modified live vaccination usage for feline panleukopenia virus protection

Feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) is a common, highly infectious pathogen associated with a high mortality rate. Modified live vaccination is highly protective against this condition. However, vaccination can lead to shedding of the modified virus in the faeces. Jacobsen et al1 collected faeces from 37 shelter cats that were considered to be clinically free from … Read more

Feline intestinal parasites

The unique lifestyle of cats means we must consider their requirements for worming treatments differently to that of dogs. For example, some cats live entirely indoors and therefore have a low risk of exposure to roundworms (Toxocara catifor example) and tapeworm (such as Taenia taeniaeformis). It is also important to consider the zoonotic risk of … Read more

It’s Feline Hypertension Awareness Month – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

In case you’ve missed the start of the national celebrations, it’s Feline Hypertension Awareness Month (FHAM), which offers an opener for dialogue with pet owners about the impact of hypertension on their cats. The campaign is being fronted this year by a number of social media influencers, appropriately including Cat the Vet, aka Cat Henstridge … Read more

Feline spot-on Felpreva now available in UK

Vetoquinol has launched Felpreva – its “new breakthrough in feline parasite protection” – for vets to prescribe in the UK. Felpreva is the only spot-on parasiticide with three months’ protection against fleas and ticks – plus treatment against roundworms, tapeworms and ear mites – all in a single dose. It is licensed for treatment of … Read more

“Super-Smart” Cat Takes Matters Into His Own Paws & Opens Door For Feline Family

One home in the Caltanissetta countryside of Sicily, Italy, is a paradise for cats. And this house is so cat-friendly it features a fenced-in yard with plenty of room to run and a kitchen just for the cats that heated and filled with cushions, so everybody has a comfy spot to snooze after a delicious … Read more