Charity seeks home for kitten that is neither male nor female Animals

A homeless kitten has stunned vets at an animal charity, being the first cat they have seen that is neither male nor female. Hope, a 15-week-old tabby and white cat, was originally thought to be female when it was admitted to the Cats Protection rescue center in Warrington, but vets found no external sex organs. … Read more

Escaping Afghanistan: Life As A Female Veterinarian

Escaping Afghanistan: Life As A Female Veterinarian Following the hasty withdrawal of US-led coalition troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban returned to power. This drastic regime change has resulted in the tragic violation of women’s rights, ranging from education and work to forced marriage and coverings. This has led to many individuals fleeing the country but … Read more

Global warming means almost every sea turtle in Florida now born female Florida

Almost every sea turtle born on the beaches of Florida in the past four years have been female, according to scientists. The spike in female baby turtles comes as a result of intense heat waves triggered by a growing climate crisis that is significantly warming up the sands on some beaches, as CNN reported this … Read more

Female leaders call for action over inequality

A former president of the RCVS has called for more to be done to tackle systemic sexism and stamp out gender inequality within the UK veterinary profession. Speaking at BSAVA Congress, IVC Evidensia chief medical officer Amanda Boag described inequality as the “most important” subject she’d ever spoken about the event and warned that complacency … Read more