Woman Spots Odd Shape In Park Field, Cries Out As She Puts Her Hand Inside

Judy Obregon is a dog rescue volunteer who spends most of her time looking for abandoned dogs. These pooches weren’t important enough to their callous owners to be properly handed in. Instead, they were left on roadsides, in parks, and all around the world. She was on her way to a notorious landfill despite being … Read more

Foster Care Has Son Of Coors Field Cat Ready To Steal A Forever Home Base

In April 2021, a fluffy gray cat streaked across Denver’s Coors Field the night the Colorado Rockies with the Los Angeles Dodgers in an MLB matchup. And while this fluffy streaker captured attention and commanded headlines, behind the scenes, a kitten was finding his way into the world somewhere in the depths of the ballpark. … Read more

Pic to pork – shifts in language from field to fork | Farm animals

The ambivalence of our relationship with animals is embedded in our language’s history (Farm animals and humans should be treated the same, children say, 11 April). When serving their new masters in tending the beasts of the field, farm workers would have spoken of an Old English sceap (sheep), cu (cow) or caelf (calf). But … Read more