Mama Dog Schools Her Troublemaking Pups For Fighting Dirty & ‘Talking Back’ At Her

Dogs mirror humans in more ways than one–including parenting. They not only give their puppies the same amount of love we give our children, but they discipline them when necessary. Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Lucy & Milo Channel via YouTube Video As we see in this video, the 2 puppy siblings are in the … Read more

Trio whose boat sank in Gulf of Mexico rescued from water after fighting off shark | New Orleans

Luan Nguyen and his two friends hoped to do a little more this weekend than fish and relax. But their boat trip on Saturday into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico near south-east Louisiana became much more dramatic when the vessel sank and Nguyen found himself having to fight off a shark, before the … Read more

Bear filmed fighting off attacking male found dead with cubs in Spanish cave | Animals

Spanish wildlife rangers have recovered the bodies of two brown bear cubs and their mother, who is thought to have been the same animal filmed three months ago sending a male bear tumbling to his death down a precipice after he attacked. Rangers and bear experts found the bodies of the female and her cubs … Read more

Nearly 90 Dogs Rescued From Vicious Interstate Dog Fighting Ring

The largest-ever dog fighting ring in Suffolk County, Long Island history has been busted this week – and now nearly 90 dogs will hopefully be going on to find the loving homes they deserve. The interstate operation spanned throughout Long Island, New York City, Connecticut, and Massachusetts and involved 89 dogs. Detectives infiltrated the ring … Read more

Former Fighting Dog Dominates American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Johnny the Pit Bull was rescued from a Chicago dogfighting ring. Discovered chained in the basement of a repeat offender with nine other dogs, he was nervous and reserved when he first entered the home of Clara and Andrew “Roo” Yori. Luckily, the couple is experienced in rehabilitating fighting dogs, having fostered and adopted several … Read more

Three-Legged Dog Fighting Cancer Rescues Baby Otter From River

Gus the Goldendoodle recently had his leg amputated after being diagnosed with cancer. Without his back leg, he can still run and play like he used to, but many everyday things have been an adjustment. His family wasn’t sure if he’d be able to swim again, but Gus didn’t want to wait to find out. … Read more

Fighting Itchy Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Allergies are a common issue that most pet parents have to deal with at some point. Finding a remedy can be frustrating for you, and the itchiness is incredibly uncomfortable for your pooch. Luckily, plenty of remedies can control your canine’s irritation, such as quercetin for dogs. Some people refer to quercetin as “nature’s Benadryl” … Read more