Dog Mom Fights Off ‘Deranged’ Animal Attacking Her Dog In Backyard

Elizabeth Dellapietro started her day as she always does by allowing her 12-year-old small dog, Tilly, out to do her business. It was only a minute or two before Elizabeth returned home when she heard terrifying yelps of pain and screaming from Tilly. When Elizabeth Dellapietro went outside to check on things, an animal attacked … Read more

New inhaled immunotherapy fights lung cancer in dogs

Scientists have discovered that a protein naturally produced by the body could be an important new immunotherapy drug against cancer. Medical and veterinary oncologists at UC Davis and other institutions have carried out a study in 21 pet dogs of various breeds with metastatic lung disease from osteosarcoma and melanoma by treating them with inhaled … Read more

Dog Starved & Beaten Fights For Her Life, Keeps Kissing Her Veterinarians

A dog in Johnson County, Kansas was so sick and undernourished that she could not stand up on her own. She was so ill that her benefactors were worried about whether the dog would survive the abuse she had received. The family took her to a veterinary hospital in Mission Care, where they attempted to … Read more