Latest PAW Report findings a ‘wake-up call’

A sharp increase in the number of dogs imported with cropped ears and cats that have been declawed has been highlighted in the latest PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report. The 2022 report also shows a fall in the number of animals adopted from rescue centers and a big rise during the pandemic in the amount … Read more

Cytology findings from multiple skin nodules seen in a young dog

An 11-month-old Labrador retriever presented for recent onset of two small wart-like, alopecic lesions on the dorsal paw of left hindlimb (Figure 1). The veterinarian performed a fine-needle aspirate (FNA) of the lesions and submitted the slides to an external laboratory for cytological examination. Figure 2a. Well-differentiated squamous epithelial cells (Wright-Giemsa 40 ×). The aspirates … Read more

Dermatology: latest findings in companion animal skin disease

The past year, 2021, has definitely been very dedicated to the cat and its allergic conditions. Unlike for human and canine atopic dermatitis (CAD), a very low number of publications were published regarding the immunopathogenesis of feline allergic syndrome. For that reason, it is always exciting when new investigations are developed and questions regarding the … Read more