Mongrel mix: dogs arose from at least two populations of wolves, study finds | Dogs

The tale of how gray wolves became the family dog ​​of today has received a new twist, with research suggesting our furry companions arose not just from one population of wild ancestors, but two. Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated by humans, an event thought to have happened somewhere between 15,000 and 30,000 … Read more

Tiny Kitten Without Eyes Finds The Purrfect Forever Home

The Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) has long been known as one of the world’s most prominent, dedicated, and passionate animal rescue organizations. And with more than 800 paid employees and over 9,000 volunteers, the BFAS has saved thousands of lives. Their ultimate goal is to make every shelter in every community no-kill by the … Read more

Study finds 60% of dogs neutered by 15 months old

Almost 60% of dogs are neutered by the time they are 15 months old, a new UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI) study suggests. The findings are the latest from the Generation Pup project run by Dogs Trust, which is tracking a group of dogs throughout their lives. Out of 593 dogs data was available … Read more

Pregnant Dog Wanders Into Fire Station, Delivers Puppies, & Finds A Forever Home!

When a pregnant stray dog ​​was ready to give birth, she seemed to know that the big-hearted folks at the Apopka Fire Department in Florida would be happy to help her! The dog, now named Lady, wandered up to the station, where the crew was happy to take her in. “And so I went outside … Read more

Nearly 70% of veterinarians have lost a colleague or peer to suicide, study finds | Mental health

New research shows nearly 70% of veterinarians have lost a colleague or peer to suicide and about six in 10 have sought professional help for their mental health. For those with decades of experience, including former Australian Veterinary Association national president Dr Warwick Vale, the figures come as no surprise. Like many, he’s struggled with … Read more

The reef fish people find ugly more likely to be endangered, study finds | fold

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but “ugly” fish deserve love too, according to a study. The reef fish people rate as most aesthetically pleasing are also the ones that seem to need the least conservation support, while the fish most likely to rank as “ugly” are the most endangered species, the research … Read more

Mechanic Pulls Backpack Out Of Dumpster And Finds Abused Puppy

A mechanic known as RJ recently saved a life on a typical workday. While working at a Midas auto shop in Shakopee, Minnesota, he heard a thumping sound coming from the dumpster. At first, he assumed it was a raccoon searching for a snack, but something compelled him to check. RJ’s curiosity ended up saving … Read more

Newly Graduated K9 Finds Missing Woman Singing “Amazing Grace” In The Woods

69-year-old Aletha Gee Walton was missing in Virginia for eight days. Her loved ones were especially concerned about her well-being because she has early stages of dementia. Police started searching for Walton on May 17th, 2022, after her family could not find her anywhere. Her neighbors had last seen her at her home two days … Read more