Staff praise firefighters after blaze threatens to engulf veterinary practice

A veterinary practice in Milton Keynes had a narrow escape after fire engulfed nearby properties and forced the team to evacuate animals to a nearby pub. The drama unfolded at the Walnut Tree Veterinary Hospital around noon on July 19 when a fence fire quickly spread to nearby homes and businesses, and threatened to engulf … Read more

Firefighters Rescue Two Puppies Trapped In Underground Tortoise Den

On Monday, firefighters in Yucca Valley, California, responded to a distress call of two puppies trapped inside a tortoise den. For those of us who are unfamiliar with these archaic desert creatures, tortoises dig their burrows in the dirt and sand. And while generally shallow, they can occasionally tunnel upwards of thirty feet in length. … Read more

Firefighters Save Dog Trapped In Submerged Vehicle For 20 Minutes

Thanks to an incredible team of volunteer firefighters, a small dog survived in a submerged vehicle. After a car fell into the water, seemingly caused by a crash, the driver made it out safely, but their furry friend was still trapped inside. Luckily, the pup found an air pocket to hide in, which helped him … Read more

Neighbors And Firefighters Rush To Rescue Veteran’s Service Dog Hit By Car

Keith Gilbert, an 81-year-old disabled veteran, was loading his dogs into his car when his new service dog Rivka, aka “Mouse,” got spooked and ran into the road. The German Shepherd was then struck by a car going about 40 mph in a residential zone. Seeing your dog get hit by a car is a … Read more

Firefighters Celebrate The Life Of Their Station Dog With Beautiful Ceremony

Firefighters in Iquique, Chile are grieving the loss of their beloved station dog, Negro. After serving at the fire station for over a decade, the first responders held a special ceremony to celebrate his beautiful life. Negro spent the last decade offering emotional support to the hardworking firefighters of Iquique city. His role involved standing … Read more

Volunteer Firefighters Rescue Dog Tossed Into Rushing Waters By Heartless Owner

When someone spotted a dog trapped in Lake Wister Dam, Oklahoma, they knew they had to do something. The only way the dog could’ve gotten there is if she swam upstream or was thrown in by someone who did not want her. The latter seemed most likely. A woman named Madison Reneè posted a video … Read more

Firefighters Save Two Dogs Trapped On A Waterfall In Jaw-Dropping Rescue Mission

A Good Samaritan placed a call to 911 after stumbling across two pups in a desperate situation. While walking the path near Shequagua Falls, she heard the barks of two furry friends that managed to escape their owners. Not only were they on the run, but they somehow found themselves on a tiny ledge above … Read more