Fish passes give endangered twaite shad a chance to swim up the Severn River and spawn fold

For nearly two centuries, one of Britain’s rarest fish has been shut out of its spawning grounds by large weirs. But the endangered twaite shad has now returned to its historic spawning habitat on the River Severn, thanks to four new fish passes which enable the migratory fish to negotiate weirs and swim up the … Read more

What sort of fish make the best pets?

There are hundreds of species of fish that can be kept in captivity and a well-designed aquarium can make a great feature in any room. There are also different types of fish including cold water, tropical and saltwater fish. Let’s look at the advantages of each and see what sort of fish within these categories make the best pets.

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Why does my cat smell of fish?

Cats are known for their cleanliness, fastidiously grooming themselves daily, often for long periods of time. It may, therefore, come as a surprise to you to discover an unpleasant aroma following your cat around. A fishy smell is not exactly welcome to most pet owners, so what causes it, and what can you do?

Here are some things to consider if your kitty is making your nose wrinkle.

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Thin fish, small catches: can Japan’s sushi culture survive the climate crisis? | Japanese food and drink

There is little at Shiogama seafood market to suggest that Japanese consumers could one day be deprived of their favorite seafood – from giant crab’s legs simmering in a winter nabe hotpot to spheres of salmon roe resting on a bed of rice wrapped in Knorr seaweed. Stalls heave with huge sides of bluefin tuna, … Read more

Lost and found: stroke of luck that helped rediscover tiny ‘superhero’ fish | Endangered species

“Hholy loach!” … “Batman loach returns” … “Tiny superhero fish rediscovered” … It was almost inevitable that the rediscovery of the Batman River loach in a stream in eastern Turkey would spawn a slew of comic book puns in headlines around the world. “Batman is a city and province in Turkey with the same name, … Read more

Fish GPS? Scientists find goldfish go farther next to certain stripes | Animal behavior

Goldfish may spend most of their time swimming up and down a glass tank but researchers have found they have a sophisticated navigation system that allows them to estimate distance. While researchers have previously shown a wide array of fish can navigate efficiently, questions remain about the mechanisms involved. Understanding those, scientists say, could help … Read more

Farmed fish feel pain, stress and anxiety and must be killed humanely, global regulator admits Animal welfare

One of the world’s leading organizations for farmed seafood is to introduce new welfare rules after accepting fish can feel “pain, stress and anxiety”. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), which oversees a global certification scheme for farmed fish, is consulting on new draft welfare standards, including more humane slaughter practices. The ASC provides labeling certification … Read more

Shark tale? Video of large fish in flooded Florida yard goes viral | Hurricane Ian

Photos and videos of sharks and other marine life swimming in suburban floodwaters make for popular hoaxes during heavy storms. But a mobile phone video filmed during Hurricane Ian’s assault on south-west Florida isn’t just another fishy story. The videowhich showed a large, dark fish with distinct dorsal fins thrashing around an inundated Fort Myers … Read more

Offshore fish farms: a new wave of food production … or the ‘wild west’ of ocean pollution? | Environment

The enclosures stretch the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool, but from above they appear as floating dots scattered across the ocean. Inside, fish mill about as the submerged pens sway to the currents of the open sea. Known as offshore fish farms, these structures have appeared around the world in recent years. Their proliferation … Read more

Fish Medicine, Is It A Veterinary Specialty?

Fish Medicine, Is It A Veterinary Specialty? The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has recently begun the process of developing fish medicine as a specialty within the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. The American Association of Fish Veterinarians (AAFV) will be working in support of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association to develop a petition … Read more