‘Our only livelihood’: Zimbabwean fishing communities fear for future as stocks dwindle | Global development

Ona stool on a fishing rig floating near the shore of Lake Kariba, a woman is furiously scraping off the scales from a fish. Eyes bloodshot after a night on the lake, created when the Zambezi River was dammed in the 1950s, Esnath Munkuli is not happy. More than a dozen of the pontoon boats … Read more

First WTO deal on fishing subsidies hailed as historic despite ‘big holes’ | Fishing industry

After 20 years of failed negotiations, the World Trade Organization has secured a deal to curb harmful subsidies that contribute to overfishing. Conservationists and campaign groups welcomed last week’s agreement as historic, despite criticism of “big holes” in the agreement. The deal was the first concluded in Geneva for all 164 member states of the … Read more

Salmon firm’s plan to fly fish in its own Boeing 757 alarms campaigners | Fishing

A salmon farming company has bought a Boeing 757 in a race to get its fresh fish on to the plates of diners in Manhattan in less than 24 hours. The Faroese firm Bakkafrost, which also owns the Scottish Salmon Company, argues it can cut its carbon footprint by flying its own jet across the … Read more

European fishing fleets accused of illegally netting tuna in Indian Ocean | Fishing

European fishing fleets have been illegally netting tuna from dwindling stocks in the Indian Ocean, according to data presented to EU authorities and analyzed by expert groups. EU purse seine (a type of large net) fishing vessels were present in the waters of Indian Ocean coastal states, where they were likely to have carried out … Read more

Abandoned fishing gear is killing marine life and poisoning our oceans | Letters

One critical factor not mentioned in Emma Bryce’s excellent piece on wasted fish harvests (Millions of tonnes of dead animals: the growing scandal of fish waste, May 9) is the threat of abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear, also known as ghost gear. A single abandoned net is estimated to kill an average of 500,000 … Read more

Fishers River Tees hold mass protest over crab and lobster Deaths | Fishing industry

About 25 fishing boats have sailed into the mouth of the River Tees while setting off flares and fireworks in a protest over mass marine deaths that are ruining livelihoods as well as being a “huge ecological disaster”. More than 200 well-wishers, many representing conservation and environmental campaigns, cheered from the shore, chanted “Stop the … Read more

Accidental discovery that scallops love ‘disco’ lights leads to new fishing technique | Environment

An unusual technique for catching scallops that was stumbled upon accidentally by scientists could potentially reduce some of the damage caused to our seabeds by fishing. The marine scientist Dr Rob Enever and his team at Fishtek Marine, a fisheries consultancy based in Devon, designed small underwater “potlights” to help protect fish stocks by replacing … Read more

Country diary: Billions of mussel larvae call for 15,000 meters of rope | Fishing

While most other crofters are minding their fields for lambs, we are watching the water. Loch Eil reflects the soft gray clouds rolling down the corries, but closer inspection reveals milky drifts below its surface. The mussels are spawning. Mytilus edulis release sperm and eggs into the water, making a swimming soup of fertilization that … Read more

Millions of tonnes of dead animals: the growing scandal of fish waste | Fishing

Then February 2022, a Dutch-owned fishing trawler released a silvery stream of 100,000 dead fish, which carpeted several thousand square meters of ocean off the coast of France. The vessel’s owners blamed the discharge on a faulty net. Environmental groups alleged that the fish were intentionally dumped. Whatever the truth, that spectacle of squandered sea … Read more

Vaquita porpoise could survive… but only if illegal fishing stops immediately | Environment

Scientists studying the DNA of the world smallest cetacean and rarest marine mammal, the vaquita porpoise, have made a surprising and bittersweet discovery. A vaquita porpoise thought to have died in an illegal gillnet. Photograph: Omar Vidal / WWF / AFP / Getty With a tiny population of fewer than 10 individuals left, the mammal … Read more