Global warming means almost every sea turtle in Florida now born female Florida

Almost every sea turtle born on the beaches of Florida in the past four years have been female, according to scientists. The spike in female baby turtles comes as a result of intense heat waves triggered by a growing climate crisis that is significantly warming up the sands on some beaches, as CNN reported this … Read more

Woman on Florida boat gored by 100lb sailfish that jumped from water | US news

A Maryland woman on a fishing trip off the Florida coast was taken to the hospital after a 100lb sailfish leaped from the water onto her boat and impaled her with its bill. Katherine Perkins, 73, was wounded in the groin in the attack, which happened last week. According to a report from the Martin … Read more

UPS Driver Yells At Man For Leaving Dog In Car On Scorching Florida Day

***Warning: This post includes a video with foul language/profanity. *** A video shot at a Florida UPS store has gone viral after capturing an altercation between a customer and a delivery driver. The UPS employee is an obvious animal lover who wasn’t shy about expressing his anger with the scene he witnessed on a scorching … Read more

Florida woman calls expert to flush iguana out of her toilet | Florida

A Florida woman was surprised by an uninvited guest in her bathroom on Saturday night: an iguana in her toilet. Michelle Reynolds told WSVN that when she went to the bathroom, she “did a quick turnaround because I saw this thing in there and quickly shut the door!” The reptile was unable to find its … Read more

Florida teen who faces losing leg after shark attack says: don’t fear the ocean | Florida

A teenager who was in hospital to have her right leg amputated on Tuesday after a shark bit her off Florida’s coast said she had no intention of abandoning her love for the water. “Don’t be scared of the ocean,” Addison Bethea told Miami’s CBS affiliate from her bed when asked to send a message … Read more

Florida teen bitten by shark survives but faces losing her leg | Florida

A teenager is facing the loss of one of her legs after a shark bit her while swimming off the coast of Florida, according to authorities. Facebook posts shared by the Taylor county sheriff’s office and the girl’s father, Shane Bethea, recounted the nearly fatal attack Thursday. Bethea’s daughter, Addison, was swimming to collect scallops … Read more

Senior Dog Found In Michigan Turns Out To Be Florida Pooch Missing For 7 Years

A 13-year-old Yorkie mix named Sgt. Pepper has been reunited with his rightful owner after seven years, multiple caretakers, and more than 1,000 miles. Pepper was six when he went missing from Laurie Davies’ Florida yard back in 2014. This past Monday, he was discovered wandering down a rainy street in Charlotte, Michigan. The soggy … Read more

Florida man bit by alligator after mistaking reptile for ‘dog with a long leash’ | Florida

A Florida man who mistook an alligator for a dog on a leash is expected to make a full recovery after being badly beaten by the 7ft-long reptile. Authorities in the state said the encounter began in the early hours of the morning after a man near a motel in North Port spotted what he … Read more

Florida man dies in alligator-involved incident while looking for Frisbees | Florida

Police in Florida said a man died while searching for Frisbees in a lake at a disc golf course where people are warned by signs to beware of alligators. The unidentified man was looking for Frisbees and other discs in the water and “a gator was involved”, the Largo police department said in an email … Read more