Fish passes give endangered twaite shad a chance to swim up the Severn River and spawn fold

For nearly two centuries, one of Britain’s rarest fish has been shut out of its spawning grounds by large weirs. But the endangered twaite shad has now returned to its historic spawning habitat on the River Severn, thanks to four new fish passes which enable the migratory fish to negotiate weirs and swim up the … Read more

Scottish farmed salmon industry using loopholes to cover up harm, report alleges | fold

The Scottish farmed salmon industry is using loopholes to cover up evidence of environmental harm, poor animal welfare and high levels of disease, an investigation has found. Using open data, investigators from the charity WildFish allege salmon farms are avoiding mandatory reporting of sea lice prevalence in fish to cover up the scale of parasite … Read more

Country diary: Swimming in the sea through a roiling shoal of silver sprats fold

ors we arrived at the beach, the setting sun blazed orange, backlighting the sail-shaped Spinnaker Tower, which stood proud on the horizon. It was the perfect evening for a swim, the calm, dark sea reflecting like quicksilver. As we slipped in, two swallows swooped low above our heads – a welcome distraction from the water’s … Read more

Study shows flat-faced breeds have up to 49 times higher risk of skin fold dermatitis

Some of the most popular dog breeds have the highest risk of developing a painful skin condition, a new RVC report has said. The latest VetCompass research program suggests flat-faced breeds such as the English bulldog are up to 49 times more likely to develop skin fold dermatitis than cross-breeds. Scientists said the findings place … Read more

The reef fish people find ugly more likely to be endangered, study finds | fold

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but “ugly” fish deserve love too, according to a study. The reef fish people rate as most aesthetically pleasing are also the ones that seem to need the least conservation support, while the fish most likely to rank as “ugly” are the most endangered species, the research … Read more

Fish on drugs: cocktail of medications is ‘contaminating ocean food chain’ | fold

Nicknamed “gray ghosts” for their lustrous silver scales, remarkable stealth and speed, bonefish can swim at up to 40mph. This species, protected by catch-and-release laws in the US, is revered by anglers around the world, many of whom visit Florida to seek the elusive fish. But evidence points to a steep drop in bonefish numbers … Read more