Pet Food Company Receives FDA Warning After Failing To Fix Safety Concerns

Pet food company Sunshine Mills has faced lots of controversy in the past few years after several recalls occurred. Since an FDA warning in 2019, they’ve had at least five recalls, several of which involved elevated levels of aflatoxin. The FDA has given Sunshine Mills plenty of opportunities to address these issues, but they’re still … Read more

Not a shred of guilt about my marmalade-on-beans habit | Food

There’s nothing wrong with orange juice on your breakfast cereal, Keith Hibbert (Letters, 12 May): I used to do it and no disgust was ever expressed. However, marmalade with baked beans or with cheddar in a sandwich provoked some protest. But they’re lovely. Jonathan Hauxwell Crosshills, North Yorkshire My grandfather’s favorite sandwich was a Royal … Read more

Best Food Bowls for Dogs

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. Every dog ​​needs something to eat out of, but not every dog ​​necessarily needs the same type of bowl. These days, a food bowl for dogs is more than just a plain … Read more

Heartbroken Dog Found Tied To Fire Hydrant With Bag Of Food, Treats & Toys

Kylie Engelhardt was devastated when she found a dog abandoned in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The small canine was tied to a fire hydrant with a backpack and a note. So, Engelhardt knew the dog’s family probably wasn’t coming back, but she tried to stay hopeful. After staying with the dog for a while, Engelhardt was … Read more

Cute Dog ‘Shamelessly’ Tries To Smile His Way Out After He’s Caught Stealing Food

Miller is a charming rescue dog that Leah Delerme could not live without. Miller is his mother’s favorite, and he knows it. This is why he is such a spoiled, mischievous boy who feels he can never get into any trouble with his mother! Image / Story Source Credit: YouTube Video In this amusing clip … Read more

Fish on drugs: cocktail of medications is ‘contaminating ocean food chain’ | fold

Nicknamed “gray ghosts” for their lustrous silver scales, remarkable stealth and speed, bonefish can swim at up to 40mph. This species, protected by catch-and-release laws in the US, is revered by anglers around the world, many of whom visit Florida to seek the elusive fish. But evidence points to a steep drop in bonefish numbers … Read more

Poor journalism by BBC over vegan pet food

Many of us woke up on Thursday to an amazing expose in the national news – that dogs fed a vegan diet were healthier than those fed a “conventional meat based” diet. It was in a peer reviewed journal, and it all sounded very scientific and like a genuine breakthrough. But there were a couple of things in these reports that did not sound quite right – firstly, science is a process (which is why the whole “follow the science” thing is not as black and white as many would have us believe) . And secondly, it’s a process that requires challenge. What were the weaknesses in the study? What other factors could have led to these results? And could the data be interpreted in any other way?

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Research Shows Many People Are Handling Dog Food In Dangerous Ways

We all have a routine for feeding our dogs. Most dog parents like to find a fast and efficient way for preparing their dog’s meals. However, a recent study from North Carolina State University showed that the way many dog ​​parents handle dog food could be unhealthy for humans and canines. Fewer than 5% of … Read more

Can Raw Dog Food Really Cause Nerve Damage?

Raw meats are known to carry harmful pathogens. We’re familiar with the requirements to keep a clean kitchen after handling raw meat. All surfaces in contact with raw meat must be disinfected and cleaned with warm, soapy water, because these pathogens commonly cause gut upsets in both people and pets. Recently, however, some veterinary researchers have begun to speculate about a link between nerve damage and feeding raw diets.

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What is special about food made for older cats?

Our cats’ bodies will naturally change as they get older, so it’s no surprise that their nutritional needs shift, too. You may have noticed some “senior” cat foods available at your local pet shop or supermarket, and wondered if they are really worth it? Is it all hype? Or can these diets help us to keep our cats healthier as they enjoy their retirement?

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