10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Sometimes it’s really difficult to say no to your dog – especially when he pins his bottomless brown eyes on you as you eat dinner. How can you deny that face? Well, in some cases you absolutely must turn your dog down. There are some foods that you should never feed your dog. Keep this … Read more

Are There Any Good Quality Plant-Based Dog Foods?

The foods for dogs that you typically find in the shops will always include an animal-based ingredient. However, it is true that dogs can get all the nutrients they need using plant-based sources. Vegetarian and vegan dog foods are becoming popular as more people are choosing to eliminate animal sources of nutrients from their own diet. Just because our canine companion can get all their nutrients without meat – can they thrive on a vegetarian diet?

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Our Standards When Reviewing Dog Foods

At iHeartDogs, we take seriously the responsibility of recommending dog foods. In this short post, we’ll explain the philosophy behind what foods we recommend and why: 1. We Will Never Recommend Foods Containing Dangerous Artificial Preservatives or Artificial Colors Artificial colors Any pigment, dye, or other substance, that is not a derivative of a natural … Read more