Study finds vets not complying with Epilepsy Task Force recommendations – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

new study, published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice (JSAP)has revealed that veterinary surgeons only prescribe anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) after a seizure cluster in 44% of cases, despite International Veterinary Epilepsy Task Force recommendations to the contrary1. The study “Approach to initial management of canine generalized epileptic seizures in primary-care veterinary practices in the … Read more

Task force call as survey finds canine fertility clinic concerns

An animal charity has demanded tougher regulation of canine fertility clinics (CFCs) to better protect dogs that can’t mate naturally from what it sees as unethical and irresponsible practices. The plea by the Naturewatch Foundation coincides with the release of its own survey of veterinary professionals, which indicated overwhelming concern about CFCs activities. But the … Read more

Avian flu prevention zone comes into force across Great Britain

An avian influenza prevention zone (AIPZ) covering the whole of Great Britain has been declared, effective from noon today (October 17). The move follows a decision to raise risk levels for the virus from medium to high for both wild birds and captive birds at premises with biosecurity measures below required standards. The risk for … Read more

Simplified RCVS concerns investigation process to come into force – VetNurse News – Vet Nurse

From the beginning of next month, RCVS will be introducing a streamlined new concerns investigation process, with cases being considered by Preliminary Investigation Committees from the outset. Under the previous system, complaints made about a veterinary surgeon or veterinary nurse would, at Stage One, be considered by a Case Examiner Group (CEG) which would determine … Read more

Farmers in England to be allowed to use ‘lethal force’ on beavers | UK news

Farmers in England will be allowed to shoot beavers if they threaten their crops, the government has revealed. Conservationists have opposed the move, saying the animals are an “ally to farmers”, helping conserve water in times of drought, and are an endangered species that should be treasured. The rodents became extinct in the UK 400 … Read more

Skyrocketing Rents Force Families To Choose Between Beloved Pets And Housing

Rent costs have been rising steadily nationwide since the COVID-19 pandemic, making it increasingly difficult for hardworking families to live comfortably. With rent costs skyrocketing at such an alarming rate (up to 40% in popular cities like New York and Jacksonville), many are feeling the burden of financial hardship and having to make choices they … Read more

Watch This Tough Bengal Cat Stare Down A Bear & Force It To Retreat

Bengal cats and Bengal tigers are two very different felines. But don’t tell Bengal kitty Tigger that. Though he’s of the domestic variety, inside his chest beats the fierce heart of a tiger! Though he’s a house kitty and not a jungle predator, Tigger prowls his territory like the biggest and boldest beast on the … Read more