Sneaky Fox Tries To Frame Dog After Trashing Family’s Home

When people hear sounds in the middle of the night, they either choose to ignore them or assume the worst. Some people just think it’s their family member coming home, while others are quick to imagine it’s someone breaking into their house. However, very few people would ever guess that a random sound in their … Read more

With Eyes Swollen Shut, Baby Fox Is Too Weak To Fight When Strangers Approach

Wild animals don’t have humans looking out for them the same way pets do. So, if they get sick, recovery can be incredibly difficult. Luckily, there are many kind people out there who spend time rescuing, rehabilitating, and then releasing wild animals so these critters can get a second chance at life. One example of … Read more

Man Adopts Fox After Saving Him From Euthanasia And Establishes An ‘Intense’ Friendship

In Tunbridge Wells, England, The Fox Project – a charity organization that helps care for injured foxes in the area – found an injured fox on the side of the road and took him in. Upon further examination, the vets found that he had toxoplasmosis – a disease brought on by a parasite infection. Given … Read more

Cat v fox: what made Downing Street’s Larry so brave? | Cats

Larry, the Downing Street cat, stepped up from mouser duties this week to chase an urban fox off his patch. The burly tabby was caught on camera intently stalking the fox before launching into a fully-fledged pursuit when the trespasser tried to take cover in a flower bed. Larry emerges the victor, but the encounter … Read more

Shelter Takes In Pup Thinking It’s A Baby Fox, But Finds It’s “Not A Fox At All”

When “Hope For Wildlife“sanctuary workers received a weird-looking “fox cub,” they were left scratching their heads. The animal was strangely quiet and distinct from what baby foxes are generally like. It didn’t take the workers long to realize their new guest was a rare, blonde raccoon–not a fox! Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: CTV News … Read more

Mrs Wolowitz, oldest penguin at Edinburgh zoo, killed by fox | Animals

The oldest penguin in Edinburgh zoo has been killed after a fox broke into its enclosure, staff have announced. Mrs Wolowitz, 35, a northern rockhopper with a “massive personality”, was attacked late on Wednesday. Other penguins in the enclosure were not hurt and were doing well, the zoo added. In a tweet on Thursday night, … Read more

Sprinklers to cool Victoria’s largest permanent flying fox colony over summer | Melbourne

Victoria’s largest permanent flying fox colony will be able to keep cool over summer thanks to a custom-built $180,000 sprinkler system. The sprinklers, part of a $5.3m wildlife boost in May’s state budget, will be up and running within months at Melbourne’s Yarra Bend Park to help protect a local colony of up to 50,000 … Read more

Toy Fox Terrier Ousts Chihuahua As “World’s Oldest Dog” Only Weeks After Awarded

It was only a few weeks ago that a tiny tan Chihuahua named “Toby Keith” was announced as the “World’s Oldest Living Dog,” by the Guinness Book of World Records. As you would expect, a dog living to be older than two decades was widely discussed and made tons of headlines all across the internet. … Read more